GDC’s Rescheduled Summer Live Show Goes ‘Fully Digital’

The Game Developers Conference Summer is still taking place August 4th through 6th, but will now be entirely online, organisers announced in a statement Thursday. When GDC had to nix its live show at the last minute in March, organisers initially planned for a rescheduled in-person event this summer, no doubt hoping that the novel coronavirus pandemic would have stopped putting the brakes on everything by then (to be fair, I think we all were). Read More >>

Government Plans £400m Tax Raid on Tech Giants

Yesterday's budget did indeed contain measures designed to increase the tax bills of the transatlantic tech giants, with the chancellor outlining a plan to make as much as £400m a year from the introduction of the UK Digital Services Tax in 2020. Read More >>

Liverpool’s Own Digital Currency Keeps Banks Out of the Loop

Local currency expert Colu is trying to kick the banks out of small communities and businesses across the country, with its app-only digital currency popping up all over the place -- and in the form of the hyperlocal Local Pound Liverpool. Read More >>

Digitising Museums is a Waste of Money, Says V&A Boss

The new head of London's glorious V&A museum looks like he's about to bin spending on digitising collections and creating apps, audio tours and other digital content, as he thinks the average museum punter isn't interested in any of it and would rather these places stay as unique non-digital quiet spaces. Read More >>

Netflix Banned from Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes film festival has yielded to pressure from bronze-skinned, white-haired movie purists, and is banning films from being entered into its prestigious contests unless they are actually on show or scheduled to be shown in French cinemas. Read More >>

ABBA to Reunite for Unknown VR/Digital Project

The four people who were once known as ABBA are getting back together again, although sadly not to record a new album of happy/sad bangers about love not being like it is in films. It's to create a "Digital ABBA" project where we would imagine merchandise and opportunities to stream ABBA Gold to all your devices at a pleasant bitrate will feature strongly. Read More >>

Online NHS Records, Disease Chat and Apps Coming in 2017

The latest effort to make the NHS into some sort of edgy youth brand have been unveiled by the health secretary, which include a new online 111 response system for investigating minor illnesses then getting a call back if it sounds like you might be about to die. Read More >>

Physical Game Sales Crumbled in July as Gamers go Digital

Sales of in-a-box real versions of video games hit a new all-time low in the UK, at least since games were invented, started being £40 and sales began being counted, with just £21.4m spent on physical games in the UK during July; a number lower than the lowest low of £23m reported back in July of 2013. Read More >>

Have You Ever Taken a “Digital Detox”?

UK communications regulator Ofcom has released a rather large bit of research into the digital lives of the UK, revealing the shock news that some 34 per cent of the population has taken some sort of "digital detox" at one time or another -- a purposeful break from looking at screens and being online all the time, lasting up to a month in some cases. Read More >>

These Moving Time Lapses are Made with Just a Single Still Photograph

Though it may seem like you’re watching a time lapse that uses hundreds of photos of a scene to track the passing of time, you’re actually just looking at a single picture “moving” with the magic of software called Platograph Pro. It’s one still photograph that’s been moved digitally. How? Read More >>

Have You Got the Five Basic Digital Skills?

A digital skills charity has warned that more than 12 million people in the UK and 1 million business have fallen down the learning gap, missing out on the potential benefits of doing nothing on the internet all day. Read More >>

You Now Have the Right to Have a Broken Digital Purchase Repaired

New consumer rights laws have come into place in the UK today, ones designed to protect our non-physical purchases in the digital age -- and provide us with a "repair or replacement" should a piece of digital content somehow be deemed faulty. Cue an avalanche of gamers requesting refunds for glitches. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s Launches Digital/App Magazine Sub Service

The entertainment bit of supermarket giant Sainsbury's has a new thing to tempt you with today, launching an on-demand magazine shop along with Android and iOS apps to give you yet another way to express shock that Oh My Vlog! is a real magazine. Read More >>

star wars
Good and Bad Star Wars Films Now Yours, Digitally

The gears of the world are turning to ensure that maximum publicity is gained for the year-end arrival of the new Star Wars film, hence the original trilogy -- and those three other rubbish films -- now appearing on digital formats for the first time. If you don't count Bittorrent. Read More >>