Scientists Can’t Agree if Dinosaurs Were Warm-Blooded or Cold-Blooded

Palaeontologists have spent a vast amount of time digging up dinosaur fossils, studying them, and then slating Jurassic Park. But despite the effort, some questions still remain about our predecessors on this planet. That includes whether or not they were cold-blooded. Read More >>

I Want to Live in a House Shaped Like a Dinosaur’s Head

If you think that this house looks oddly... alive, that's because it's modelled on a dinosaur's head. With windows and glass doors cleverly placed to mimic eyes and teeth, its distinctive profile looks like it could gobble you all up in one go. Read More >>

A Six-Foot Inflatable Dinosaur Is Your Let’s-Reenact-Godzilla-In-Hyde-Park Deal of the Day

Yeah, we know that there’s a load of new Apple hardware coming and the Kindle Fire is on its way and it’s almost Christmas and there’s gifts to buy but sometimes all you need is to treat yourself to a six foot inflatable dinosaur. Read More >>

This New Freaky Dinosaur Will Haunt Your Dreams Tonight

Look at this bastard. What an ugly freaky critter. And small, too. "Punk-sized," according to its discoverer, a paleontologist and professor at the University of Chicago. The name of this new dinosaur species is Pegomastax africanus ("thick jaw from Africa") but I will call him Velocichicken. Velocichicken punkus. Because, I mean, look at this goddamn thing. Read More >>

NASA Discovers Proof of Ancient Life — In Its Own Backyard

NASA has found proof of ancient life from 110 million years ago — when "the bright, barred spiral galaxy NGC3259 was just forming stars in dark bands of dust and gas." No, the proof is not on Mars. The proof is right here on Earth, in its very own backyard. Read More >>

American Children are Actually Taught Nessie Is Real

No, really. Children in some US schools are being taught that the Loch Ness monster is a living dinosaur, as evidence against evolution. What the hell? Read More >>