Amber Fossils Reveal Lice-Like Bugs Crawling in Dinosaur Feathers

Ancient insects similar to modern lice parasitised dinosaurs by feasting on their feathers, as evidenced by a pair of fascinating new amber fossils. Read More >>

Stunning Fossil Discovery Uncovers the Second-Most Primitive Flying Bird

Palaeontologists in Japan have uncovered the fossilised remains of a 120-million-year-old flying dinosaur that’s seriously shaking up the bird family tree. Read More >>

A Little Girl Turns Into an Angry Kaiju in the Adorable First Trailer for Dino Girl Gauko

Move over, Retsuko – Netflix has another anime star in town with a bit of an anger problem. But Naoko doesn’t turn to heavy metal to channel her feelings. She turns to something else, rather literally! Read More >>

Incredible New Fossils Show How Quickly Mammals Took Over After Dinosaur Extinction

An absolute treasure trove of rare fossils has been uncovered in the US state of Colorado. The collection reveals the stunning speed at which mammals emerged and diversified once the dinosaurs were gone. Read More >>

Black Panther’s Daniel Kaluuya Is Bringing a ‘Misunderstood’ Barney to the Big Screen

Barney is a dinosaur who we all know from TV, but now Mattel is bringing Barney & Friends to the big screen. Read More >>

Lego’s New Dinosaur Fossils Turn Your Desk Into a Miniature Natural History Museum

You can claim to be interested in historical artefacts like pottery, suits of armour, and maybe even a mummy, but the most compelling reason to visit a museum, even as an adult, are the dinosaur fossils. If your hometown happens to be lacking in museums, however, Lego’s new Dinosaur Fossils set, out 1 November, puts a small collection of thunder lizard skeletons on your desk, no admission required. Read More >>

Ancient Rock Reveals Shocking First Day After Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Impact

Scientists say they have spotted evidence of what it was like on the first day after the dinosaur-killing impact event, thanks to an analysis of rock taken from the famous Chixculub crater. Read More >>

Newly Discovered Japanese Duck-Billed Dinosaur Was a Cretaceous Beach Bum

Introducing Kamuysaurus japonicus – an entirely new genus and species of hadrosaur from Japan. The location of its fossilised remains suggests these majestic herbivores browsed ancient shorelines, expanding our knowledge of this wildly successful group of dinosaurs. Read More >>

Research Sheds Light on Strange Seaway That Once Covered the Sahara

The Sahara might seem like one of Earth’s most lifeless regions today, but its fossils show it was once a vast seaway filled giant fish and some of the largest sea snakes the planet has ever seen. Read More >>

Pterosaurs Could Somehow Fly Right After Hatching, New Fossils Suggest

New analysis of recent fossil finds suggest that pterosaurs could fly very soon after they hatched, unlike today’s birds or bats. Read More >>

Which Eccentric Millionaire Will Buy This Nearly Complete Diplodocus Skeleton That’s Going Up for Auction?

Thanks to modern palaeontology techniques, finding dinosaur fossils isn’t as difficult or random as it once was. There are now more skeletons to go around, but unfortunately, based on an upcoming auction at the Parisian auction house Aguttes, you’ll still need a couple million dollars of disposable cash to add a dinosaur to your private collection. Read More >>

‘Spectacular’ Opal-Laced Fossils Reveal Previously Unknown Australian Dinosaur

Palaeontologists in Australia have identified a previously unknown plant-eating dinosaur from the mid-Cretaceous. Remarkably, the fossilised bones of these creatures, which glisten in hues of blue and green, are preserved in opal. Read More >>

Adorable Jurassic Dinosaur May Have Flown With Bat-Like Wings

During the Jurassic period, various dinosaurs experimented with different forms of powered flight. The discovery of a new dinosaur species in China suggests some of these pioneering flyers evolved webbed fingers and an elongated forelimb, allowing them to fly in a distinctly bat-like fashion. Read More >>

Newly Discovered Cousin of T. Rex Was a Pint-Sized Killer

Palaeontologists have identified a previously unknown relative of T. rex that stood just below 3 feet at the hip. The discovery is shedding new light on the evolutionary origins of tyrannosaurs, while providing a glimpse of these fearsome creatures before they reached enormous sizes. Read More >>

Running Dinosaur Robot Reveals a Possible Way Dinos May Have Evolved Flight

Using robotic and animal models, researchers have shown that some dinosaurs were already flapping their rudimentary wings as a side effect of running, prior to evolving the ability to fly. The finding offers a unique perspective on the origins of flight, but experts say more evidence is needed. Read More >>