Another One of Saturn’s Moons May Have a Global Ocean

The evidence is mounting that our solar system is rife with oceans. Last week, scientists reported that Pluto could have an insanely deep liquid water swimming pool beneath its surface, and on Monday, NASA revealed new evidence for geyser activity on icy Europa. Now, another frozen moon is poised to join the club of outer space scuba retreats: Dione. Read More >>

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Stunning Image of Saturn’s Moon Captured From Just 300 Miles Above It

The pock-marked surface of this spherical chunk of rock looks a lot like images of our own Moon — but in fact, this is much, much further away. Read More >>

I Would Sell My Soul To See This With My Own Eyes

The little grey ball is Dione, the third largest of Saturn's moons. The large brown sphere with the ethereal haze is Titan, the largest. In the background, that's Saturn and its rings. Never has an astronomy picture looked so painterly to me. Read More >>