Sending Directions to Your Android Phone Just Got Stupidly Easy

Google’s on a drive to make the search box do much more than searching. Last week, it introduced an option to find your phone from the box; this time, it’s sending directions to your handset with about three clicks. Read More >>

Yahoo’s Developing a Map Algorithm to Find the Most Beautiful Route

Sometimes you want to get from A to B as quickly as possible — but what if you want to savour the journey? Well, Yahoo has been working on an algorithm that can plot the most beautiful route, for those days when time is less of a concern. Read More >>

Google Maps Now Tells You What Lane to Get Into and More Goodies

Google is rolling out improvements to its Maps apps for Android and iOS. Some of them are small improvements, and some of them are plain awesome. Read More >>

Google Adds Bike Directions for Lost UK Cyclists

Google's updated its excellent Android Maps app again, this time adding turn-by-turn directions and voice navigation designed specifically to keep cyclists on the prettier parts of the map. Read More >>

Satnavs Make us Crappier, Less Safe Drivers

Simple satnav instructions like "turn left" and "carry on, you're doing very well" are easy enough for us to comprehend while driving, but anything more complex and we lose focus, start to swerve around the road and our little brains simply can't cope with the flood of data. Read More >>

Google Maps Can Now Tell You To Take the Train (Updated)

Google’s partnered up with to bundle mainline train information into Google Maps in the UK. If you're carless, Google can now helpfully suggest getting the train instead of walking from Edinburgh to London. Read More >>

Microsoft Patents Directions That Help You Avoid Scary Neighbourhoods

Microsoft has just received a patent for a new way to give you walking directions that take into account the many hardships you encounter while using your feet to get from place to place. Read More >>

Stephen Fry Adds His Voice to TomTom

Satnav specialist TomTom has signed another celebrity, with verbose TV presenter, comedian and self-appointed Twitter PR man Stephen Fry lending his voice to TomTom turn-by-turn directions. Read More >>