Even the Most Minimal Exercise Can Drastically Improve Your Health, Yet Another Study Finds

We know that regularly getting some exercise, no matter how little, can keep you alive longer. But new research out Monday suggests that even an hour’s worth of walking per week can help older adults with ailing knees avoid painful, isolating disabilities down the road. Read More >>

On the Early Web, People With Disabilities Found Community and Autonomy

Growing up in rural Oregon in the United States, Erin Lauridsen didn’t have a lot of contact with blind people like herself. She recalls there being one other blind person in her town, but they were much older and, unlike Lauridsen, had lost their vision later in life. So when her family got dial-up internet during her high school years in the late ‘90s, she said the first thing she did was find other blind students online, people she could relate to who were already out in the world living their lives. She read their stories. She got to know them. Read More >>

Staircases in Space: Why Are Places in Science Fiction Not Wheelchair-Accessible?

Space, as we all know, is the final frontier. It’s the star-spangled playground in which our imaginations run amok, and the setting for stories that made us fall in love with sci-fi. Some of us spent hours pretending we were the Doctor’s companions, helping him find Gallifrey from the TARDIS. Some of us imagined the Millennium Falcon jumping to hyperspace when we shouted, “Punch it, Chewie!” Some of us swore we could hear the communicator beeping when we asked our favourite Federation starship to beam us aboard. The characters that roam space have built homes in our hearts and allowed those of us who are trapped in Earth’s gravity-well to fulfil some of our wildest fantasies. Space remains a vast, untamed place, penned in only by the limits of our own imaginations. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s Tests Slow Lane for a Less Stressed Checkout Experience

Sainsbury's is trialling a clever idea that might turn shopping into less of a nightmare for people who find the whole experience troubling, with what it calls a Relaxed Lane for slower shoppers currently being tested at the company's Prestwick branch. Read More >>

Uber To Offer Free Rides To Disabled Voters On Thursday

On Thursday the UK decides who it wants to ruin the country. Will it be the naughty Trot Corbyn, Theresa Farage or the one who wants to get stoned? No matter which useless fleshbag you go for, you need to get to the polling station and Uber is trying to make that easier for disabled users. Read More >>

Five Mobile Technologies Boosting Disabled Travellers’ Commutes

We can all be guilty of taking new technology for granted sometimes, but every breakthrough in consumer tech also opens up a world of potentially life-changing possibilities. Read More >>

What Disabled Bodies Can Teach Us About Sex

Millie Dollar sashays onto the stage in a green, feathered dress to conclude the evening's entertainment with a sultry burlesque routine. The capacity audience at the ornate Epstein Theatre in Liverpool is enraptured by her sensual beauty. Read More >>

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How a Deaf, Blind Photographer Practices His Art

Brenden Borrellini has been deaf and blind his entire life. He's also been an unstoppable explorer and student. He picked up a camera at an arts centre one day on a lark, but the joke soon turned into a serious pursuit with beautiful results. Australia's Open Tropical North brings us this mini documentary on Brendan's art. Read More >>

Tongue-Controlled Wheelchair Makes Good Use of Ill-Advised Piercings

Imagine the speeds Miley Cyrus could reach with this. It's a tongue-control system for a motorised wheelchair, designed to give people with severe brain and spinal injuries more freedom and manoeuvrability. Read More >>

YouTube Bans Charity Disability Ad Over “Porn” Outrage

Charity group Come4, which is looking to launch a non-profit porn site for disabled users, had its advert pulled from YouTube due to the nudity involved and the advocacy of prostitution breaching its terms of service. Read More >>