The Roku Streaming Stick+ Is Going Down In Price – Forever

We're always happy to hear of price cuts in these straitened times, and even moreso when they're permanent. Which admittedly isn't very often. Read More >>

These Are The Valentine’s Day Deals From, Er, Vodafone

Anything's an excuse for an offer these days. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, the New Year, Blue Monday, and now Valentine's Day. Read More >>

Xiaomi is Bringing Back the Early Bird Discount For the Mi Mix 3

The new Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, with its super-cool slide-out camera (to avoid the notch, natch) sold out in under half an hour, partly thanks to the early bird discount the company offered. Read More >>

This Code Gets You 25 Per Cent Off Amazon Device Accessories

After the discount bonanza that is the Black Friday > Cyber Monday > Christmas > Boxing Day sales run, the latter half of January can be a bit quiet on the savings stakes. Read More >>

How to Spot Genuine Discounts While Christmas Shopping

It’s shopping season, and you’re likely to be on the look-out for gifts for friends and family in the next few weeks. To limit the damage to your bank balance, you will, of course, want to do your business as cheaply as possible – but how can you spot the genuine discounts from the marketing tricks? And how do you know when a bargain really is a bargain? We’ve got some tips and some tools that can help. Read More >>

The 26-30 ‘Millennial Railcard’ Will Now Go on Sale on 2nd January

Late last month the Railcard people announced that the long-awaited 26-30 railcard would be going on general sale before the end of the year. In other words no trials, and no frantically trying to refresh the website to get yourself one before they all run out. The good news is that we now know the exact date it'll arrive, but the bad news is that it won't be the until 2nd January. Read More >>

Asda Backs Out of Black Friday 2015, Opting for ‘Sustained’ Special Offers Instead

Asda has ruled itself out of this year’s Black Friday madness, and the firm claims its move will benefit both the supermarket and consumers alike. It says the decision has nothing to with the chaos and violence that comes hand-in-hand with the retail event, but customer needs instead. Read More >>

Amazon Sellers Ruined by 1p Sales Glitch

The vague discounts of "Black Friday" were eclipsed by a staggering piece of accidental generosity by some Amazon sellers over the weekend, when a sales glitch automatically discounted swathes of products to just 1p. Read More >>

Save a Few Quid With Amazon’s Prime and LoveFilm Instant Bundle

Amazon's put together a nice little bundle for those of you who need your stuff and need your stuff NOW, pairing a LoveFilm Instant subscription with an Amazon Prime membership and shaving £29 of the price of getting them in the process. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Windows 8 Pro Slashed to £44.99 Online

Microsoft's web shop has lopped a chunk off the asking price of a Windows 8 Pro upgrade, yoyo-ing it back down to £44.99 -- cheaper than the £99 price of standard Win8. Either someone's stuck a wrong number in a database or there's a new push to get us upgrading going on. If you can bring yourself to click on such a grammatically poor piece of text as "Shop this edition" it could be yours right now via download or legacy disc-in-the-post method. [MS Store via PC Pro] Read More >>

HMV’s Latest Sale Possibly a Make or Break Cash Grab

HMV's latest sale is apparently critical to its survival, with sources claiming its new Blue Cross Sale is designed as a last-gasp attempt to raise money to meet its banking commitments. Read More >>

Vodafone Starts Selling “Nearly New” Used Smartphones

Vodafone's found a new way of reducing the cost of owning one of today's high-end smartphones -- selling used ones for a discount. Read More >>

Odeon Cinemas Now Using Apple’s Passbook App for Discount Ticket Sales

Apple's Passbook feature has found itself a couple of big new corporate fans in the UK, with the Odeon cinema chain and Harvester restaurant franchise adopting the mobile ticketing app. Read More >>

Humbled Groupon Shamed Into Changing its Ways by OFT Investigation

Groupon has been spanked very hard by the Office of Fair Trading, which has warned the online discount club it needs to be more "honest and transparent" in advertising its deals and the discount claims it puts forward. Read More >>

Is ASDA’s £249 Full HD LCD TV the UK’s Cheapest 40-Inch Telly?

If you don't mind having the slightly less than prestigious "LUXOR" brand sitting there on display in your front room, ASDA has quite an amazing deal running on a 40" LCD TV at the moment. It's offering a Full HD 1080p LCD TV for £249. Read More >>