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E4 Just Picked Up the TV Rights For Star Trek Discovery

A few years ago it was announced that Netflix and CBS had signed a monster deal that would give the streaming service international streaming rights for Star Trek: Discovery. In other words Netflix users in pretty much every country could see the episode less than 24 hours after they arrived on CBS All Access, and could stream to their heart's content. But aside from Canada, this meant Discovery wasn't going to hit any TV screens. That's about to change. Read More >>

star trek
In the First Trailer for Star Trek: Discovery Series 2, the U.S.S. Enterprise Boldly Arrives

Star Trek: Discovery’s debut season concluded with a shocking blast from the franchise’s past: the original series’ Enterprise, face-to-face with Burnham and the crew of the Discovery. And now, we get to re-meet Captain Pike and Starfleet’s most iconic vessel. Read More >>

Serialised Television Has Become a Disease

At New York Comic Con, during the Star Trek: Discovery panel, Alex Kurtzman said something that I’ve been thinking about a lot. He said that you couldn’t do “City on the Edge of Forever” now, because Kirk would have to spend a whole season mourning Edith Keeler. Read More >>

star trek
We’ve Finally Got Some Solid Details About Star Trek: Discovery

We've known for a while that a new Star Trek TV series is on the way, but aside from a couple of minor details here and there we haven't heard a whole lot about it. That's gone and changed, and about time too. Read More >>

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Relive All the Best Moments Of Mythbusters With This Incredible Supercut

After almost 300 episodes and fifteen seasons on Discovery, the Mythbusters have called it quits. To commemorate the end, Thomas Crenshaw put together an amazing supercut that reminds us why the show was awesome. Read More >>

How Will We Even Know New Lifeforms When We See Them?

If we met new life – on this planet or the next – would we know it when we saw it? Matthew Francis investigates. Read More >>

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I’m Getting Completely Lost in Discovery’s Beautiful VR Projects

The Discovery Channel, home of sharks and professional pyromaniacs, has a lot of cool stuff to show off. So it makes complete sense to cherry-pick some of the best moments, and package them into bite-size VR experiences. Read More >>

So, a 15-Year-Old Intern Discovered a New Planet

When I was 15, I spent a lot of time playing Nintendo 64 in a dark basement. Tom Wagg, on the other hand, discovered a new planet 1,000 lightyears away. Read More >>

What it Takes to Build a Snake-Proof Suit

Later tonight on US television, people will be able to see a man attempt to become a 25-foot, giant green anaconda's dinner—willingly. And to make sure our human snake snack makes it out alive, scientists spent months designing, testing, and building one incontrovertibly snake-proof suit. Air mask, chainmail, pig's blood and all. Read More >>

Discovery, NASA’s Greatest Space Shuttle, is 30 Years Old

On August 30th, 1984, the space shuttle Discovery launched on its first voyage to space. It wasn't the first, but over the next 27 years it became the undeniable king of NASA's shuttle program. Read More >>

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This Agricultural Roomba is a Robotic Pooper Scooper for Dairy Farms

Cows, it turns out, can be pretty filthy, just pooping wherever and whenever it strikes their fancy. And when they let loose in the confines of a milking stall, the splattered mess becomes a source of infection for every cow that enters after. But rather than force a human to shovel shit nine times a day, Lely has introduced a robotic platform to do it for us. Read More >>

These Bones Might be the Biggest Creature That Ever Walked the Earth

Paleontologists have just unearthed the fossilised bones of a gigantic dinosaur that's never been seen before. They believe it's an entirely new species—and based on the size of its bones, it's way bigger than what we thought was the biggest dinosaur ever. Meet the new number one among earthly creatures. Read More >>

Land Rover’s New Discovery Concept Car Has Gesture-Controlled Doors

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Land Rover's Discovery line, and the Brit-based four-wheel-drive specialists are marking the occasion with a tech-fuelled concept redesign, being showcased at the New York International Motor Show. Read More >>

5 Amazing Scientific Discoveries We Don’t Know What to Do With

Every day, scientists make discoveries that change the way we live. But sometimes, just sometimes, they achieve results that are so extraordinary or unexpected that they literally don't know what to do with them. Here are five of the most puzzling. Read More >>