After Screaming About Discrimination, Ex-Google Engineer James Damore Silently Asks Court to Dismiss Lawsuit

More than two years later, the battle between ex-Google engineer James Damore and the company is over, although we won’t know much about how it ended. Earlier this week, Damore and three other men asked a California court to dismiss the lawsuit, which claimed that the company discriminated against conservative white men. Google also joined their request for dismissal. Read More >>

TikTok Admits It Moderated Its Newsfeed To Exclude Users With Disabilities

Social media giant TikTok has been accused of discrimination after it was reported to be excluding videos from users with disabilities on the main newsfeed, according to an investigative report from a German digital rights blog, Netzpolitik. Read More >>

How a ‘Neutral’ Health Algorithm Ended Up Hurting Black Patients

A health care algorithm used in hospitals across the U.S. has been discriminating against black patients, according to new research. The study found that the algorithm consistently prioritised less-sick white patients and screened out black patients from a programme meant to help people who need more intensive care. Read More >>

Google Fails to Have Lawsuit Originally Brought by Anti-Diversity Memo Author Thrown Out

Google’s efforts to have a lawsuit originally brought by ex-Google engineer James Damore dismissed were rejected by Superior Court Judge Brian Walsh in California's Santa Clara County, San Jose newspaper the Mercury News reported on Friday, meaning that the case can now proceed into the discovery phase. Read More >>

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Leaked Microsoft Email Chain Reportedly Describes Hellish Workplace for Women

An internal Microsoft email chain, first reported by Quartz, reportedly details a litany of egregious acts of sexual harassment and discrimination experienced by women at the company. The chain received hundreds of responses since it began on March 20th, according to Wired, prompting employees to protest the toxic work culture at a Q&A with CEO Satya Nadella on Thursday. Read More >>

A Disturbing Complaint Against Google Tests Its Promise to Allow Employees to Sue

A former recruiter for Google is suing its parent company, Alphabet, for alleged disability discrimination, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and a failure to provide reasonable accommodations. Among a slew of upsetting allegations, the complaint says that instead of sending her medical devices and other personal items following her termination, someone at Google mailed her a bag of garbage. Read More >>

After Its Utter Failure to Stop Discriminatory Ads, Facebook Praises ‘Historic’ End to the Mess It Created

After an 18-month court battle and years of fierce criticism, Facebook says it will stop allowing housing, jobs, and credit advertisers to show ads to only users of specific races, genders, or age groups, the company announced on Tuesday. Read More >>

Former Manager Says Facebook Discriminates Against, Excludes Black Users and Staff

A former Facebook strategic partner manager for global influencers, Mark S. Luckie, sent a 2,500 word memo to all of the company’s employees before his departure in November saying the company has “a black people problem,” the Guardian reported. Read More >>

After Google’s Historic Walkout, One of Tech’s Big Problems Is Still Being Ignored

Last month, thousands of staffers walked out of Google offices around the world calling for a more inclusive company culture built around “equity, dignity, and respect.” Among the walkout organisers’ five demands was for the company to end forced arbitration for both harassment and discrimination claims. The company only eliminated the former. Read More >>

London TV Company Openly Discriminates Against Anti-Trump, People’s Vote Protesters

Discrimination in UK business is very much still in existence, but few companies are as open about it as London-based Sense The Future Pictures, a "television and communications business" based in Covent Garden. Read More >>

A Top Medical University in Japan Has Been Lowering Women’s Test Scores For Years: Reports

A leading medical university in Japan wanted more male students—so it’s reportedly been lowering the entrance exam scores of female applicants for years. Read More >>

Study: Future Teachers Are Already Biased Against Black Children

That black school children are treated more harshly than white children by teachers is no secret, as plenty of studies and painful anecdotes have repeatedly shown. But some recent research published in the journal Contemporary Educational Psychology suggests an even more discouraging reality: The incoming generation of teachers shows bias against black kids, too. Read More >>

Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Google Might Proceed as Class Action

A lawsuit brought by a former Google employee who says that the company’s “bro culture” led to daily sexual harassment is being expanded as a class action after Google tried to push the case into sealed, secret arbitration. Read More >>

Google Says It Spent Over £193,000 to Close Wage Gaps

Counter to preliminary findings in an ongoing US government investigation and claims made in a class action lawsuit brought by former employees, Google says it has no gender- or race-based wage gaps among its workers. Read More >>

Microsoft Upheld Less Than 1 Per Cent of Gender Discrimination Complaints by Female Employees, Court Documents Say

Over a six-year period, Microsoft upheld only one of the 118 gender discrimination complaints it received from female employees, according to court filings, Reuters reported on Tuesday. In total, the company received 238 complaints of discrimination or sexual harassment between 2010 and 2016, the court filings say. Read More >>