Government Cashes in With Double-Taxed Cars From Today

The new UK car tax system kicks in today, and motoring organisations say the government's going to pull in extra cash thanks to the way sellers of used cars can't get refunds for partial months of road tax. Read More >>

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Got a Broken Xbox One Blu-ray Drive? Spank its Bottom and it Might Fix Itself

Turn your Xbox One upside-down, make a wish and smack it on a table three times is the latest unofficial advice regarding the Drive of Doom failure issue, with users reporting success in hitting their broken machines to make them work again. Read More >>

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Microsoft Acknowledges Xbox One’s Crunchy-Sounding Broken Blu-ray Drive Issues

Microsoft's successful Xbox One hardware launch is now seeing the sort of early-adopter tech problems that also hit US buyers of PS4, with MS forced into admitting that "a very small number" of Xbox One buyers are having problems getting discs to load. Read More >>

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First Party Xbox One Games Priced at £50

Microsoft's started trying to tempt gamers into pre-ordering the Xbox One launch games, with a handful of the new console's games now available to bagsie on the Microsoft Store. The bad news is a £49.99 RRP for the likes of Forza 5 and Kinect Sports Rivals. Read More >>

LoveFilm Begins Phasing Out Video Game Rentals

LoveFilm appears to be edging away from offering video game rentals, with the company changing its packages to deny new customers the option to have game discs sent to them as part of their bundle. Read More >>

Will We Finally See a 1 TB Optical Disc in 2015?

Compared to a C-ROM's meager 700 MB storage space, and a DVD's 5-ish GB, a Blu-Ray's 25 GB is pretty impressive. All of those are nothing compaired to a whole Terabyte though, and that's what FujiFilm is planning to pack on an optical disc arriving in 2015. Read More >>