You Can Buy ‘Vintage Milk’ on Amazon

The internet is a vast place and somewhere, in its vastness, someone is trying to sell “vintage milk.” Read More >>

You’re Going to Be So Disgusted with Humans After Watching This Video

Human beings, I love ya, but man are we disgusting. This video by Aaron Rogers lists and animates all the scientific grossness of being a human and it gets pretty gnarly. Like how many hot tubs our saliva can fill and what our eye boogers are made from and all the other nasty stuff that comes with our human body. It's an eye opener. [Vimeo] Read More >>

Your Smartphone Is Basically A Poopstick

Some unfortunate news for people who don't like rubbing feces on their face: your smartphone is probably covered in it. Read More >>

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The Worst Booze on the Planet

We love booze, but lines must be drawn. Today, we're looking at booze that is just plain wrong. It's a freakin' horror show. Read More >>