Why Are There So Many Toy Story Fan Theories?

Toy Story 4 is the latest movie in the Disney-Pixar saga about a bunch of toys who secretly come to life when their owners aren’t around. It centres around Woody and a new handcrafted toy named Forky, who’s experiencing an existential crisis. But surprisingly, a spork who’s come to life is not the most mind-blowing thing about this movie. In our latest video, find out what is. Read More >>

Pixar Doesn’t Have Any More Sequels Planned After 2019

With a film like Finding Dory floating around the world's cinemas right now, it’s hard to argue against Pixar and their sequels. The film is a delight and it’s doing great. Several more sequels are coming in the next few years: Cars 3, Toy Story 4 and Incredibles 2. Read More >>

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Here’s Your Adorable First Look at Pixar’s Upcoming Short

"Lava" is the Disney Pixar short that will première before the feature-length film Inside Out next summer. Judging by this first sneak peek, it's going to be absolutely adorable. Read More >>