Star Wars Resistance Just Made Us Look at the Franchise in a Whole New Way

When you’re watching a Star Wars TV show or movie, it’s easy to think what’s happening on screen is the most important thing imaginable. What could be more important than defeating the Empire, becoming a Jedi, or crushing the First Order? Maybe nothing – but what you tend to forget is, while that may be important to some, it’s not important to all. Read More >>

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How Star Wars Resistance Is Using Its New Time Period to Its Advantage 

A huge chunk of unknown Star Wars lore is about to be explored, and executive producer Justin Ridge can’t wait to be a part of it. Ridge is one of three executive producers on Star Wars Resistance and we had a chance to speak to him about this new Star Wars animated series coming to Disney XD UK. Read More >>

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The New Star Wars Resistance Trailer Is Jam-Packed With Incredible Spaceship Action

Our first look at Star Wars Resistance set up the basic premise of a Resistance spy operating out of an island that’s home base to a team of hotshot racers. But this new look at the Lucasfilm animated series gives us a much better idea of the bigger picture around Kazuda Xiono’s new mission – and the brewing war set to come between the Resistance and the First Order. Read More >>