On Walt Disney’s Birthday, We’re Reminded of the Speech He Made at the Opening of Disneyland

On December 5, 1901, Walt Disney was born. And yes, the late mogul was a complicated man from another era, with many shitty traits about him. For the most part, though, what he brought to this world was magical and so far-reaching it’s hard to even fathom. Read More >>

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This Time-Lapse Video of Disneyland Transforming for the Holidays Is Truly Magical

In a rare peek behind the curtain, Disney just released a time-lapse video showing the holiday transformation of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at Disneyland. Read More >>

X Antencio, Disney Animator and Co-Writer of the Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Music, Dies at 98

Xavier “X” Atencio had a remarkable career with the Walt Disney company, from his early days in the 1930s working on films like Pinocchio to his later days working on rides like Disneyland’s The Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean. But Atencio reached the end of the ride this weekend. He died on Sunday at the age of 98. Read More >>

Marty Sklar, Disney Legend and Futurist, Dies at 83

Marty Sklar, arguably one of the most influential people to work at the Disney Company aside from Walt Disney himself, died yesterday. He was 83. Read More >>

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Here’s Your First Look at an Insanely Detailed Model of Disney’s Star Wars Land

Disney’s D23 Expo kicked off last night and io9's Germain Lussier was among the first to lay eyes on a detailed diorama—which attendees could only observe from a distance of three feet away—revealing what the Star Wars Land theme parks will look like when they open in 2019. Read More >>

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There’s New Aerial Images Of Star Wars Land And Can We Just Go There Already?

As these new interactive high res images show, construction of the Star Wars Land theme parks in Disneyland California and Walt Disney World Florida seems to be coming along nicely. Read More >>

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Your Decisions at the New Star Wars Theme Parks Will Have Consequences

When Star Wars themed lands open at Walt Disney World and Disneyland in 2019, things are going to be interactive. Maybe, a little too interactive. Read More >>

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The Last Jedi Planet of Crait Is Coming to Disney’s Star Tours

We saw a brief glimpse in the first trailer for The Last Jedi and soon, you’ll be able to visit there yourself. Read More >>

Happy Birthday! We’re Going To Disneyland

Today is the 25th birthday of Disneyland Paris, and we're indulging our childhood wishes with a nostalgic trip to the theme park of our dreams. Read More >>

Disney Wants to Track Park Visitors By Secretly Photographing Their Shoes Like a Creep

With millions of tourists visiting its theme parks around the world each year, it makes sense that Disney would want to track how visitors move about its attractions to help minimise queues and crowds and also to provide a unique experience for each guest. But does it have to sound so incredibly creepy? Read More >>

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Best Grandad Ever Built a Private Miniature Disneyland in His Back Garden

It’s not just the high ticket prices that make the magic kingdom seem slightly less magical; there’s also the crowds, long lines, and gift shops that are impossible to avoid. So Steve Dobbs, a retired aeronautical engineer, built his own private version of Disneyland in his back garden called Dobbsland, complete with a Frozen-themed ride and a roller coaster. Read More >>

So You Want to Build a Theme Park with a Communist Government

Shanghai Disney Resort opened its gates to the public this week, and in every single aspect it’s the crown jewel in a Disney Princess theme park tiara. But it wasn’t enough to build a £3.8 billion megapark that’s four times the size of Disneyland. Disney also used the opportunity to gain a greater foothold in China, which was not always so easy. A New York Times report gives insight into the intense negotiations between Disney CEO Bob Iger and the Chinese government to introduce Mickey to Communism. Read More >>

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Disneyland is Testing New Interactive Droids That Will Roam Its Expanded Star Wars Lands

If you thought Disney’s only reason for buying Lucasfilm was to make more Star Wars movies, you’re way off. The company is also currently in the process of converting parts of Disneyland and Walt Disney World into sprawling Star Wars-themed lands, and it’s already testing some of the new characters it’s designed to interact with guests. Read More >>

The Coolest Attractions Coming to Shanghai Disneyland

The new Disneyland in Shanghai doesn’t open until June 16th, but we’ve got a new drone’s-eye view of the progress at the new park. It will be the first Disney park in mainland China, and we can expect three things from it: It’s going to be busy; it’s going to have some cool new rides; and it’s going to make Disney a ton of money. Read More >>

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Take a Virtual Tour of Disneyland’s 1960s Monsanto House of the Future

The Monsanto House of the Future sat in the heart of Disneyland for a decade, giving people a peek at the homes of tomorrow. The house was built in 1957 and torn down in 1967. But now people of the 21st century can get their very own walk-through, even if it’s just on YouTube. Read More >>