Apple May Shift to OLED Displays at Last, Says Pixel Expert

One of Apple's display manufacturing partners has said it's unlikely to switch to OLED screen technology on a permanent basis, but may use it for a little while or an iPhone generation or two until the Micro LED system it favours as the future of display tech is ready for the mainstream. Read More >>

Raspberry Pi Now Has an Official Screen for Sedentary Fun

The development hotbed of the Raspberry Pi scene finally has an official display to add to the pioneering miniature computer, with the hardware maker launching its Raspberry Pi 7-inch Touchscreen Display for less than £50. Read More >>

Accessory Triples Your Laptop Screen for the Ultimate in Bus/Train Annoyance

Ever dreamed about doubling or even tripling your laptop's display area? No? Well pretend you have, because it's quite important for this 222 words about it to be of any meaning. Read More >>

Ultrasound Can Let You Touch and Feel 3D Shapes in Thin Air

Touch feedback has been advancing rapidly of recent time, and now we're at the stage where ultrasound can be used to create entire 3D shapes to touch and feel in thin air. Read More >>

Just How Much Better is Amazon’s Kindle Voyage Screen?

Amazon's £169 Kindle Voyage is as good as an e-reader gets. We already told you that. But just how good is that new glass screen compared to the Paperwhite's plastic panel? You may (or may not!) be surprised at the difference. Read More >>

The Tempescope Puts the Weather in a Box on Your Desk

Sure, you could just download a weather app to see what conditions are like outside your front door, but where's the fun in that? Ken Kawamoto's Tempescope actually creates rain, clouds, and simulated lightning right inside your house. It's the ultimate push notification. Read More >>

Samsung’s 27-Inch Curved Gaming Monitors are No Work, all Play

At last year's CES, we got a good look at Samsung's ideas on bringing curved display technology to consumer monitors. Ten months later, the company is ready to release its first one in the US, boringly named "SD590C." Read More >>

While You Weren’t Looking, Dell Announced the Most Interesting Tablet

Apple! Apple! Apple! You were probably too busy gawking at Cupertino's precious new watch and giant smartphones to notice anything else that happened in the world of technology this week. There's no shame in that. But if you were paying attention to the 2014 Intel Developers Conference in San Francisco, you might have gotten a glimpse of a truly incredible tablet. Michael Dell himself walked out on stage to announce the device, and we tried it that very afternoon. Read More >>

iPhone 6 Display Redesign Could Limit Availability

Whether it's made of sapphire or not the display of the next iPhone is rumoured to be causing some trouble, according to Reuters. Read More >>

Dev Specs Hint at Higher-Resolution Display for iPhone 6

New resolution options in Apple's iOS 8's Xcode 6 tools and springboard launcher suggest more screen options are coming to the Apple universe, with the magic numbers of 828 x 1472 suggesting iPhone 6's screen could out-pixel the 5S's 640 x 1136 display. Read More >>

You’re Going to Need a Bigger Thumb — Samsung Plans 7-Inch Monster Phone

An odd new 7-inch Samsung model has been lodged for approval with Chinese mobile authorities, with the tech giant seemingly intent on once again pushing the boundaries of just how big a phone can be. Read More >>

Chinese Phone Maker Builds Entirely Unnecessary 1440 x 2560 Resolution Smartphone

There's a new player in town when it comes to making things bigger than they need to be in mobile phone world, with the Chinese-made Vivo Xplay3S Android phone featuring an unfeasibly high 1440 x 2560 resolution screen. Read More >>

WSJ: The Next iPad Will Use iPad Mini’s Thin, Light Display Technology

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the next generation of Apple's iPad will use the same display technology which make the iPad mini so thin and light. Read More >>

Rumour: Sharp to Spit Out Screens For a New iPhone in June?

Whispers emanating from the Far East today suggest Sharp's been tapped to produce the screens for Apple's next iPhone, and that it'll be spitting them out in June. Read More >>