The Next Version of DisplayPort Will Drive 8K Monitors With HDR Video

You probably take the DisplayPort on your laptop for granted, but the folks that develop the standard have been working hard to make it perform way better—and the next version will allow you to drive an 8K display with HDR video, if you ever happen to own one. Read More >>

Look Out HDMI and DisplayPort, There’s a New Cable in Town

Ever heard of Mobile High-Definition Link, or MHL for short? Today, it's a way to connect a smartphone to an HDTV or monitor via microUSB. But the new SuperMHL could challenge HDMI and DisplayPort dominance over your entire home cinema Read More >>

Nexus 4 Features SlimPort Connection Skills for HD Connection and Charging

The rather exciting and shockingly cheap Nexus 4 has another pretty interesting feature along with its Android 4.2 code -- SlimPort support for DisplayPort users. Read More >>