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Great White Shark Breaks Into Diver’s Shark Tank, Terror Ensues

A harrowing new video shows a large great white shark lunging for a chunk of tuna — and then wriggling its way inside a 'shark-proof' cage with a diver inside. Thankfully no one was hurt, but the video is as horrifying as it sounds. Read More >>

MIT Thinks Furry Wetsuits Could Keep Divers Even Warmer

Ocean-dwelling creatures like whales, seals, and walruses don’t freeze in the icy waters thanks to their thick layers of insulating blubber. But how do scrawny sea otters stay warm? Their furry coats trap air which also works as an insulator, and researchers at MIT think that approach could help keep humans warmer under water, too. Read More >>

A Bellyflop Competition is Even More Brutal Than it Sounds

When swimming most people try to avoid bellyflopping into the water since it feels like 1,000 people slapping you in the chest at once. But in Oslo, at the official Dødsing competition, competitors attempt to bellyflop on purpose to impress the judges. Read More >>

The US Navy’s Futuristic New Diving Helmet Turns Sailors Into Minions

The US Navy is developing a new diving helmet fitted with something called Divers Augmented Vision Display (DAVD). It’s essentially a fancy underwater HUD. But really, the whole setup basically looks like a high tech Minion costume. Read More >>

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Diver Runs Under Water Faster Than on the Ground in Surreal Video

A surreal video shot by director Julie Gautier featuring free diver Guillaume Néry running under the water at an impossible speed thanks to the powerful currents of the Tiputa Pass, near Tahiti. Read More >>

The Plan to Turn Ageing Oil Rigs Into Skyscraper-Sized Reefs

Off the coast of Southern California, there's an underwater city. A thicket of almost 30 enormous steel oil rigs, each as large as a skyscraper, bolted to the floor of the ocean. Most of them are elderly, ageing giants—and soon, the state will need to make a decision about whether to rip them up or let them stand. Either option comes with huge risks. Read More >>

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These Hard Suit Power Gloves Give You the Grip of a Kraken

Lobsters never took over the world because their claws are terrible at grasping. It's the same reason deep sea divers, especially those that venture so far down that they require Atmospheric Dive Suits to keep from imploding, have such difficulty manipulating their tools at depth—the suits' conventional lobster-like "prehensor" grippers are complete rubbish. But these new robo-gloves from MIT startup Vishwa Robotics will offer divers superior, Ninja Turtle-esque grip even 20,000 leagues below the sea. Read More >>

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This is What the Sunken Cruise Ship Costa Concordia Looks Like Now

Remember how the 300-metre-long cruise ship Costa Concordia ran aground in Italy in 2012? Now, police divers have re-entered the vessel, days before an attempt to re-float it, and this video shows exactly what it looks like two years on. Read More >>

Iron Man Exosuit Will Look for 2000-Year-Old Computer Underwater

Remember that Exosuit—basically a wearable submarine—we showed you back in February? It is about to embark on its first real mission: the hunt for one of the world's oldest computers in the Aegean Sea. It's a quest that has paralysed and, in one case, even killed divers in the past, but the Exosuit will let humans safely dive deeper and longer than ever before. Read More >>

The Evolution of the Atmospheric Diving Suit

Last week we introduced to you the totally awesome Exosuit, a $600,000 (£358,000) atmospheric diving suit, capable of taking a human 1,000 feet underwater at surface pressure. This means that the diver doesn't have to decompress and there is no need for special breathing gas mixtures, so there is no danger of decompression sickness or nitrogen narcosis. Read More >>

The Day I Decided Not to Be a Victim of the Rondo

"What's the wreck we're heading for?" I asked. I had never dived a shipwreck before. Something about the swinging boat; the fried breakfast and the fearsomely cold and inhospitable conditions made me wonder if I really wanted to. We were still thirty minutes out and the skipper was offering us a cup of tea. I declined. Read More >>

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Diving Is Totally Allowed in the World’s Deepest Swimming Pool

God help you if you have to get your PADI certification in a public pool—you're about to spend more than a few hours steeping in all sorts of fun bodily fluids. You're better off buying a plane ticket to Brussels, home of the deepest—and likely cleanest—indoor pool in the world. Read More >>

The Only Thing You Need to Dive Is an Oxygen Tank and This iPhone Case

Most iPhone users are afraid to get even a drop of water near their phones, lest they one day be rejected by an Apple Store Genius. But when strapped into the iGills waterproof case, you can safely dive with your phone to a depth of 130 feet, and keep track of when you need to surface. Read More >>

How to Become an Aquanaut

So, you want to become an aquanaut? Do you have the right stuff? What is the right stuff? Do you even know what an Aquanaut is? Read More >>

Building a Watch That Works At the Bottom Of the Ocean

The first time humans descended to the deepest spot on Earth, they were joined by a rare Rolex specially designed to withstand the immense pressures under water. And now that James Cameron plans to go deeper, Rolex wants to tag along again. Read More >>