Fortnite is Being Blamed For a Rising Number of UK Divorces

Yeah, you read that right: Fortnite, the multiplayer battle royale game that's taken the world by storm, is allegedly responsible for much more than distracting swathes of school children: it's breaking up marriages, too. According to a blog published by Divorce Online, the company has received 200 divorce petitions citing "addiction to Fortnite" as a reason for divorce. Those 200 petitions make up roughly 5% of the cases handled by the company since January 2018. Read More >>

BT And Openreach Are Getting A Divorce

BT's hold over broadband infrastructure org Openreach is finally at an end, with Ofcom winning the drawn-out battle to legally separate the two. Read More >>

Britain’s First Ashley Madison-Related Divorce Proceedings are Already Underway

What would you do if you found out that your spouse had signed up for an account on Ashley Madison? Getting legal advice from a divorce lawyer would definitely be a good place to start, and apparently it's a trend that's already begun. Read More >>

The Internet is Gleeful About Your Impending #AshleyMadisonHack Divorce 

This week hackers dumped 10 gigs of personal info from “life is short, have an affair” dating site Ashley Madison. Twitter’s first reaction is to go for the jugular: divorce. Read More >>

This Is What a Breakup Looks Like as Cold, Hard Data

Breakin' up is, as Neil Sedaka once sagely pointed out, hard to do. But for one recently divorced woman, studying the data behind the breakup was a balm to help her through a tough emotional time. Read More >>

Man Supposedly Bins £300k in Gold to Spite Ex-Wife

Angry American man Earl Ray Jones claims to have converted $500,000 of his life savings into solid gold and then binned the lot, in an effort to stop his wife getting anything out of him in their future divorce settlement. Remember to burn your house down too, Earl, and have the pets and children put to sleep. Read More >>

Rumour: Stephen Elop’s Ex Causing Nokia Compensation Blues

Stephen Elop, soon-to-be-former Nokia CEO and shoe-in to take the Microsoft top spot once Ballmer leaves, has found himself at the centre of a row concerning his compensation package from Nokia. Read More >>

Divorce? There’s an App For That

The government thinks it's found a way to streamline divorce, with an app. It's not clear whether the app will be just web-based or for mobile too, but either way, it sounds insane. Read More >>