Carphone Can’t Make Money Selling £1,000 Phones

Dixons Carphone has once again horrified the financial sector with a set of results, with the business blaming the rapidly cooling smartphone sector for this fresh batch of losses and general high street sales horror. Read More >>

Dixons and Carphone Warehouse Merger Gives Birth to Dixons Carphone

The rumoured £3.8 billion Dixons / Carphone Warehouse merger has today been confirmed, bringing together two of the largest tech retailers on the UK high street under the new Dixons Carphone banner. Read More >>

Two Will Become One as Carphone Warehouse and Dixons Set to Merge

Dixons and Carphone Warehouse are already two of the biggest names in tech on the highstreet, but the pair are now poised to become a serious retail juggernaut, as plans of a £3.7 billion merger have this morning been revealed. Read More >>

Dixons and Carphone Warehouse in Talks to Merge and Create UK Tech Behemoth

High street tablet and washing machine specialist Dixons Group is having talks with mobile expert Carphone Warehouse about a possible merger, with the plan being to create one tech giant with a staggering 2,900 UK branches. Read More >>

Pioneer TVs Returning to British High Street Through Dixons But No Sign of the Kuro

Spoken of in hushed, hallowed tones by home cinema enthusiasts, no TV range is as revered and highly sought after as Pioneer's discontinued Kuro plasma range. And now hopes of its revival have been lifted as the company announces its TVs will be coming back to the high street. Read More >>

Take Dixons Out of the Dead Pool — “Phenomenal” Tablet Sales Help Ensure Chain’s Survival

There won't be any administration misery on the horizon for the Dixons group of tech shops, thanks to the electronics giant reporting a "strong performance" over the critical Christmas cash grab, aided by huge sales of tablets across its Currys and PC World stores. Read More >>

Comet’s Remaining Limbs Divvied Up by Circling Vultures

So, it looks like Comet's sad demise is to end with the different arms being chopped up and flogged off to the rest of the UK retail electronics industry. After stabilising the business, administrators Deloitte's are now looking at which profitable living chunks they can rip off the great sinking HMS Comet. Read More >>

Dixons Online Is Dead

Dixons, the once famous high street electronics retailer that was swallowed up into Currys and PCWorld in DSGi's efforts to save costs, still clung on in there as an online brand for a while. Now even its online presence ceases to be, leaving the Dixons high street name gathering dust just like Woolworths and Radio Rentals before it. Read More >>

Google’s Nexus 7 Set to Flood the UK, With Dixons Introducing it to Mr. Mainstream

The omnipresent Dixons group of high street shops will shortly begin selling Google's Nexus 7 tablet, giving the 7" tab an ever better chance of establishing itself as Android's #1 superstar piece of hardware. Read More >>

Dixons Group to Shut Yet Another 60 Stores Across Britain

It looks like the classic British high street electronics chains might be going the way of the Dodo, or at least Dixons looks to be down sizing quite severely. Its head honcho is looking to cut stores down to just 30-40 to slash costs. Read More >>

Dixons Group’s KnowHow Movies Streaming Service Launching March 1st

The Knowhow Movies service, previously announced by the Currys and Dixons group, is now scheduled to launch on March 1st. And there should be some half-decent content on it too, thanks to licensing deals with Disney, Warner Bros. and Momentum Pictures. Read More >>

Currys Wants to Play With Netflix and LoveFilm

The electronics retailing group DSGi, which runs Dixons, PC World and Currys, is apparently getting into the UK video streaming game with its new service called Knowhow Movies. Read More >>

Dixons Group Lost £25.3m Last Year

Losses at the Dixons group have trebled over the last year, with the electrical seller losing £25.3m. It's positive about the future, though, claiming shop refits are turning the tide and gaining market share from the struggling competition. [BBC] Read More >>