David Attenborough is Looking for a DJ to Turn His Field Recordings Into a Club Worthy Hit

Sir David Attenborough is looking for a DJ to turn a three-minute recording of Indonesian style gamelan music captured in Bali 60 years ago into a dance track. Read More >>

DJ Gets Jail Time For Playing Dance Remix Of Muslim Call To Prayer

A British-born DJ who remixed the Muslim call to prayer in a Tunisian nightclub – getting the place shut down in the process – has been sentenced to a year in jail. Read More >>

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Watching a DJ Do His Thing Will Put You in a Spin

Think DJs just check email on their computer when they’re DJ-ing? You’re not alone! But when they actually spin instead of just pushing the play button, there’s a lot more going on. Read More >>

This CD DJ Deck Doesn’t Play CDs

You're looking at Pioneer's new XDJ-1000 DJ deck. What's special about it? It's the first deck of its kinds to, err, not play CDs. Read More >>

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How to Be a Good DJ, According to Danny Dyer

Fancy your hand at being a DJing legend? You're probably just dreaming. But, if you're serious, here are some potentially life-saving tips from the geezer himself, Danny Dyer. Time to get cwab scratching. Read More >>

Become a DJ at Any Moment With This Svelte Splitter

The boyscouts pretty much nailed it when they coined the motto "Be Prepared to DJ." And Swedish headphone manufacturer Urbanears wants to make that possible with Slussen, an audio jack splitter and app combo. Read More >>

Get Your DJ Kicks On With Denon’s New MC2000 DJ Controller

Bedroom DJ's, embarrassing dads or those looking into getting into a bit of mixing and scratching can try flexing their hands with Denon's new MC2000 DJ controller that looks the part and won't entirely break the bank either. Read More >>

Digital DJs Can Say Goodbye to Wires Forever

Unless you're incredibly organised, it's highly likely that you have different music tracks dotted around different devices, which can turn digital DJing from a celebration of music to a mess of jumbled cables quicker than you can shout "tune". Pioneer's new digital decks, however, swap wires for Wi-Fi. Read More >>

We’ve Lost Control Again: Return of the DJ

When the MP3 revolution hit its stride, the coolest thing about it was how much control we were given over our music. Weightless files and tiny players let you carry your entire library around with you, all the time. Anything you wanted to listen to -- so long as you had already hunted it down -- was available instantaneously with a swipe of the finger. No longer would we be limited by what we could physically carry, or what a radio network chose to play. Read More >>

This Low-Rent Turntable Really Squeaks Out the Jams

You probably won't be in demand on the club scene, but you can save yourself the cost of a pair of 1200s with this DIY analogue turntable made from discarded technology including a cooling fan and a cassette player. Read More >>