Watch These Drones Get Fried by Over a Million Volts

Tom Scott took a pair of DJI Phantom 3 drones to the University of Manchester’s High Voltage Laboratory, where they can manufacture lightning strikes measuring over a million volts. The goal was to see what happens to a drone were it to get struck by lightning while flown in a storm, and the results will probably surprise no one. Read More >>

NASA’s Supercomputers Reveal the Incredible Turbulence Produced By a Drone

If you’ve ever been blasted by the downwash of a drone when it flies over you, you know how much air four spinning rotors can move. But to help improve the design and flight characteristics of future drones, NASA had its supercomputers simulate what that air movement actually looks like, and it’s impossibly complex. Read More >>

Hong Kong Cloaked in Smog Looks Unreal From the Sky

Aerial photography is nothing new, but really good drone photos, like these shots of Hong Kong blanketed in electric fog, can still make your jaw drop. Read More >>