How to Lock Down Your Phone So Only Certain People Can Reach You

We could all use a break from the constant flurry of phone notifications that roll in every day, but there’s always the worry that we’re going to miss something important – an urgent call from a family member, maybe. The answer is Do Not Disturb, which will block incoming alerts from everyone except a select few contacts. Read More >>

How to Make Sure No One Bothers You in a Computer Lab

You have a lot of work to do. You're on a deadline. You're stressing out because people are constantly dropping by your desk saying hi, how you're doing because you're in a computer lab. You need to block everybody out. What do you do? Slap on some headphones and tape this sign onto your back. That should do the trick. You can work without any interruption now. Read More >>

Apple iPhone DND Do Not Disturb Bug
Apple’s Crappy DND Bug Will Apparently Magically Fix Itself, Next Week

Apple's arrogance magic seemingly even extends to glitches, as it's Do Not Disturb bug, which proves you shouldn't trust your iPhone as your alarm yet again, will mysteriously fix itself come next Monday. In fact, Apple's not going to bother doing anything about it and will just let people ride it out -- it's not like anyone's actually working yet, right? Read More >>

iOS 6 Gives You Amazing Control Over Which Calls You Receive

There are a handful of cool features coming to the iPhone with iOS 6, Scott Forstall announced at today's WWDC keynote. Read More >>

iOS 6 Might Get a Do Not Disturb Feature That Will Stop Annoying Notifications from Taking Over Your Phone

With WWDC around the corner, iOS 6 rumours are coming in waves. 9to5Mac is reporting that iOS 6 will have a super useful 'Do Not Disturb' feature, iCloud Tabs and Mail VIPs. Do Not Disturb looks especially useful, as it would be able to hide all alerts and banners from taking over your phone while you're playing a game or just don't want to be bothered. Read More >>