Comic Book Legend Steve Ditko Is Dead

Legendary comic book creator and artist Steve Ditko has died at the age of 90. Read More >>

Benedict Cumberbatch
Benedict Cumberbatch Got Up to Some Real-Life Heroics in London

Doctor Strange normally isn’t the kind of hero who spends his time taking on lowly muggers on the city streets. But apparently Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays the magician, is. Read More >>

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Clever Cosplayer Hacks Nerf Blaster to Cast Floating Holographic Spells

Benedict Cumberbatch aside, the best part of Marvel’s Doctor Strange movie was the animated spells the magical characters could generate out of thin air. Given our world lacks real magic, a Japanese cosplayer has found a way to simulate the same effect using a modded Nerf blaster and a spinning LED wand. Read More >>

Stan Lee’s Cameo in Doctor Strange Could Have Been a Lot Creepier

Way back when, James Gunn filmed a bunch of Stan Lee cameos in a row for not only his Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but three other films as well. One of the cameos Gunn filmed popped up in Doctor Strange, but it wasn’t the only option on the table. Read More >>

The 7 Strangest Moments in Doctor Strange’s Weird, Trippy History

Doctor Strange is, inherently, an incredibly weird comic character. It’s in his name! Over the years the master of the mystic arts has gone on some truly bizarre adventures, both with brain-bending locations and mind-blowing scenarios. Here’s some of the weirdest from the good Doctor’s long, strange trip. Read More >>

All The Doctor Strange Easter Eggs and References to the Rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Spoilers, Obviously)

Everyone knows that when you watch a Marvel film or TV show, you're not just watching a Marvel film or TV show - you're merely experiencing one smaller piece of a much larger jigsaw. Events in Captain America can affect what happens in the next Ant-Man, the actions of the Agents of SHIELD are impacted by whatever Tony Stark has been working on in the films. "It's All Connected", they say. Read More >>

Doctor Strange: The Giz UK Review

Chances are, if you’re reading this review on Giz UK, Doctor Strange doesn’t need too much introduction: It’s the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, stars Benedict Cumberbatch as the eponymous hero, and is the first film in the series to introduce magic into the canon. That’s right -- magic. If you’re looking for some pseudo-scientific dialogue to explain all of the weird stuff on screen, you’re going to walk away disappointed. Read More >>

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Essential Reading Before You See Doctor Strange

In less than a week, Marvel's second film of 2016 will hit cinemas across the UK. Doctor Strange might not be the less well known character to non-comic readers, and while the film will no-doubt that that into account, it might be a good idea to read up on some of his paper adventures. Here are the books you need to read, plus a couple of other goodies. Read More >>

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The Second Doctor Strange Trailer Finally Shows Us Some Real Magic

The first trailer for Scott Derrickson’s Doctor Strange kept things pretty small. But at Comic-Con, the second trailer has been revealed, and it actually shows some of the magic the film contains—both literal and figurative—as well as the potential impact Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) could have on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Read More >>

First Doctor Strange Trailer Shows Marvel ‘Doing an Inception’

As the hype train gears up for Captain America: Civil War in a few weeks time, Marvel is already looking ahead. Last night it released the first teaser trailer for Doctor Strange, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the eponymous hero. Read More >>

Doctor Strange Entrances Fans in Surprise Comic Book Store Appearance

Benedict Cumberbatch gave a whole new meaning to interactive comic books on Sunday, as he took time out from filming the new Marvel movie Doctor Strange to surprise fans at a Manhattan comic book store. Cumberbatch, dressed in all of his glorious superhero garb, was spotted at JHU Comics, where he greeted fans and posed for photos. Read More >>

19 Must-See 2016 Movies: Rogue One, Batman vs Superman, The Revenant and More

At this point we're familiar with the majority of what's forthcoming in the cinematic year – sequels, reboots and more recognised brand tie-ins. Though it's disappointing that Hollywood is increasingly more risk averse when it comes to original fare, last year's Mad Max: Fury Road showed us that it's more than possible to craft something genuinely new and thrilling within the confines of a pre-existing world. Hopefully 2016's offerings will skew more towards Mad Max on the reboot/sequel scale and less Fantastic Four (ouch). Read More >>

Benedict Cumberbatch is Marvel’s Doctor Strange

Sherlock, Khan, Smaug -- Benedict Cumberbatch is getting a taste for playing genre roles, isn't he? Adding to the list of well-loved characters the decendant of Alan Turing is to play is Marvel, which has just announced Cumberbatch will be taking on the role of Doctor Strange. Read More >>