That Was Doctor Who’s Starkest Lesson in Years

Doctor Who has been a morality play since its earliest days. Ever since the first Doctor picked up a couple of teachers and his young granddaughter for adventures in time and space, it has been a show seeking to educate as much as it does entertain. Last night’s episode carried on in a similar vein but had neither the time, nor the patience, to sugarcoat its message. Read More >>

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A Shocking Truth Has Brought Doctor Who Back to Life

Last week’s Doctor Who season premiere was heaving with promise – in bringing back an iconic foe, and retweaking a balance between moralistic sci-fi social commentary and monster-laden adventure this latest iteration of the series has been struggling to find, it set the groundwork for some compelling threads. Sunday night's follow-up delivered, if only because it had the time to do so. Read More >>

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That Might Have Been the Most Beautifully Surreal Episode of Doctor Who Ever

Doctor Who is a surreal show. That’s sort of the point. It makes weird things happening in weird times, and weirder places, with existential crises and battles with bonkers alien beings, about as regular as you and I would breathe. But “It Takes You Away” might have pushed Doctor Who to one of its strangest extrapolations of itself. Read More >>

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Doctor Who’s Differing Approaches Find a Shared Fear in the Future of Amazon

There’s a moment in “Kerblam!” where Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor does something she’s never done before, but her past selves have. She barges into a scene and demands answers, lest the villain of the week face her wrath. After, she asks her companions if the bombast suited her – and it almost felt like she was asking the audience, too. Read More >>

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A Blunt Episode of Doctor Who Harkens Back to Its Educational Core

What is Doctor Who about? It has been around for so long, changed into so many things, that sometimes it’s hard to say. Even “It’s about time” – its current tagline – can feel not quite right. But Sunday night’s powerfully forthright episode took the series back to a definition it started with over 50 years ago. Read More >>