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Yaz Finally Steps Into the Spotlight for a Poignant Doctor Who

One of the many changes brought to Doctor Who this year is more companions than a dimensionally transcendental phone box knows what to do with. Much of the season so far has left one new traveller – Mandip Gill’s Yasmin Khan – taking a backseat. But “Demons of the Punjab” finally let her shine. Read More >>

Doctor Who is Getting a New Year’s Special

You won't be celebrating Christmas with the Doctor, but you can bring in the new year with her: confirmed by the Doctor Who magazine, Doctor Who is getting a New Year's special rather than a Christmas special, which will air on New Year's Day. Read More >>

Doctor Who Moves Time and Space to Accommodate Sir David Attenborough

Who'd win in a time-based battle: the Doctor, or Sir David Attenborough? Read More >>

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I Think I’m Ready for Doctor Who to Stop Proving That It’s Still Doctor Who

Despite being a programme about change, there’s always a certain amount of trepidation in Doctor Who when any amount of it happens, whether it’s just a new monster or a whole new Doctor. The latest season has seen more changes than we’ve had in a while – and it still feels like it’s trying assuage that familiar trepidation. Read More >>

Another Tiny Slice of Doctor Who’s Missing History Will Get an Animated Revival

So much of Doctor Who’s early past is lost to time – not in the romantic, time-travel sense, but in that old BBC archival policies meant that the original records of the earliest years of Who in the ‘60s were wiped, leaving nearly 100 episodes seemingly gone forever. But one tiny slice of vintage Who is getting a revival next month. Read More >>

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Doctor Who’s Christmas Special Might Become a New Year’s Special

Regardless of how you feel about Doctor Who and its many iterations since the 2005 relaunch, we can all agree that the Christmas specials are universally shit. Except the regeneration ones, because they actually have a point beyond going "look how Christmassy we are!" Well the Mirror reckons things are a bit different this year, and that the 'Christmas special' will actually he shown on New Year's Day. Read More >>

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Here’s the Fashionable Source of Doctor Who’s Iconic Outfit

Jodie Whittaker’s new Doctor Who ensemble isn’t just functional, it’s fashionable – but in a way that’s quirky, slightly androgynous, and alternative. That’s no surprise, considering its origins. Read More >>

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A Blunt Episode of Doctor Who Harkens Back to Its Educational Core

What is Doctor Who about? It has been around for so long, changed into so many things, that sometimes it’s hard to say. Even “It’s about time” – its current tagline – can feel not quite right. But Sunday night’s powerfully forthright episode took the series back to a definition it started with over 50 years ago. Read More >>

Let’s Have a Spoiler-Laden Talk About That Powerful Episode of Doctor Who

Last night, Doctor Who ventured back to 1955 for a long, hard look at the struggles of Rosa Parks in mid-20th century Alabama. Let us know what you thought of its take on a crucial moment in history in our weekly, spoiler-tastic discussion zone. Read More >>

How I Learned to Love the Doctor Who Companion

Back in 2015, a single image convinced me I would never watch Doctor Who. An older man running away from a giant explosion, pulling along a much-younger woman gazing at him in pure adulation. It exemplified everything that frustrated me about gender representation in film and TV. I’ve since learned the ways of the Whovian — and while I still have concerns, which I’m hoping the new season addresses, I’ve come to see the strength in the modern Doctor Who companion. Read More >>

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Don’t Blink: Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor Who Wax Figure Is Watching You

That’s not a picture of Jodie Whittaker, Doctor Who’s new star, up there. Seriously. It’s a wax recreation so good that even the Nestene Consciousness itself would be a bit jealous of the handiwork behind it. Read More >>

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This Week’s Doctor Who Gave Some ‘Who’ Back to the Doctor

Much of Steven Moffat’s era of Doctor Who was dedicated to solving the mystery of the Doctor – why the name, where’s Gallifrey – and putting answers to that central conceit of who the Doctor is, and what they stand for. Jodie Whittaker’s first trip to an alien world gave us some of that mystery back, for the show and for the Doctor. Read More >>

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Doctor Who’s Gallifrey Would Be a Nightmarishly Awful Place to Live

The Doctor, the eponymous star of Doctor Who, doesn’t visit her homeworld very often. This isn’t just because the Time Lords are an irascible bunch; after consulting with several Who-obsessed scientists, it’s clear that Gallifrey is less like the strangely habitable planets of Star Wars and more like the worst place in the universe to live. Read More >>

There’s a £110 Doctor Who Jumper Now it’s Popular Again

Doctor Who fans who shop in Selfridges is a pretty small niche, but that is the group of perhaps as many as 12 people about to be targeted by fashion duo Fyodor Golan, who have been granted the awesome power of an official BBC license to create very expensive fashion items for the adult Who enthusiast. Read More >>

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We Asked Jodie Whittaker What She Wants Her Legacy as the Doctor to Be

The UK was kind enough to let the U.S. borrow new Doctor Jodie Whittaker for a whirlwind tour on Doctor Who's big premiere weekend. It also just happened to coincide with New York Comic Con which meant Gizmodo US had the opportunity to ask Whittaker some burning questions! Read More >>