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Doctor Who’s Gallifrey Would Be a Nightmarishly Awful Place to Live

The Doctor, the eponymous star of Doctor Who, doesn’t visit her homeworld very often. This isn’t just because the Time Lords are an irascible bunch; after consulting with several Who-obsessed scientists, it’s clear that Gallifrey is less like the strangely habitable planets of Star Wars and more like the worst place in the universe to live. Read More >>

There’s a £110 Doctor Who Jumper Now it’s Popular Again

Doctor Who fans who shop in Selfridges is a pretty small niche, but that is the group of perhaps as many as 12 people about to be targeted by fashion duo Fyodor Golan, who have been granted the awesome power of an official BBC license to create very expensive fashion items for the adult Who enthusiast. Read More >>

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We Asked Jodie Whittaker What She Wants Her Legacy as the Doctor to Be

The UK was kind enough to let the U.S. borrow new Doctor Jodie Whittaker for a whirlwind tour on Doctor Who's big premiere weekend. It also just happened to coincide with New York Comic Con which meant Gizmodo US had the opportunity to ask Whittaker some burning questions! Read More >>

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Roundtable: Breaking Down Jodie Whittaker’s Stellar Doctor Who Premiere

Doctor Who returned on Sunday night, and brought with it a whole new look, a whole new cast, and a whole new Doctor in the form of Jodie Whittaker. There were thrills! Chills! Lots of accents! It had so much, we just had to grab a few people to hash it all out. Read More >>

Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor Who Debut Scores Big

The Doctor is in... big time. The season 11 premiere of Doctor Who, featuring the debut of Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor, was a major hit for British audiences. In fact, it was the biggest non-holiday or anniversary episode of Doctor Who in over a decade. Read More >>

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The Intriguing Contrasts Between Doctor Who’s 2 ‘Non-Canon’ Female Doctors

In less than a week, Doctor Who will be changed forever by the arrival of Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor, the first woman to play the role... officially speaking. The debate about Time Lord gender has been a part of Doctor Who for decades, but before Whittaker, Doctor Who at large has given us a few unusual stories to imagine what a female Doctor would be like. Read More >>

The Doctor, and Her Doctors

The Doctor and the Doctors sounds like a really good Steven and the Stevens tribute band, honestly. Read More >>

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The Universe Needs Fixing in the Explosive New Doctor Who Trailer

The BBC has revealed a brand new look at the 11th season of Doctor Who, and if you were concerned that the first trailer was a little too cryptic and didn’t have enough alien worlds and explosive action, then this one will be right up your street. Read More >>

Doctor Who Gets Cheeky With Jodie Whittaker’s New Teaser

You see it. You see what they did there. They know you saw. Read More >>

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Doctor Who’s New Doctor Is Being Transformed Into a Little Miss

Times change, and so does the Doctor—so now that Jodie Whittaker is the latest incarnation of Doctor Who’s Time Lord adventurer, Adam Hargreaves’ line of Doctor Who/Mr. Men mashup books is adding a Little Miss. Now here's the first look at Dr. Thirteenth, the latest Doctor Who take on the endlessly charming world of Roger Hargreaves’ children’s books. Read More >>

Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor Who Will Premiere in October, on a New Night

Put on your snazzy coats and get out the gadgets, because now we know exactly when the eleventh season of Doctor Who is coming to air. Read More >>

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Report: Matt Smith Looks to Be Joining Star Wars: Episode IX

A Time Lord is used to adventures in time and space—but a former Doctor could be paying a visit to the galaxy far, far away. Read More >>

Doctor Who’s 11th Season Is Being Created By a Very Diverse Group of People

The eleventh season of Doctor Who was already going to be momentous what with Jodie Whittaker’s casting as the new Doctor, but the show’s push for inclusion and representation will also extend behind the camera. Read More >>

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Big Finish Celebrates 20 Years of Doctor Who Audio Adventures With an Elaborate Crossover

Back in the '90s there was no Doctor Who. The classic series ended in 1989, and the revived series was still way off. But 1999 saw the BBC licence off the rights to Big Finish, who have spent the past 19 years developing a variety of audio dramas based around the many, many cast members that have been part of the series over the past 55 years. With next year being the big 20 year anniversary, it's celebrating in true Doctor Who style: with an elaborate crossover. Read More >>