Michelle Gomez Narrating a Doctor Who/Mr. Men Story is the Most Delightful Thing You’ll Hear All Day

The Doctor Who/Mr. Men mashup books are almost too cute for words. But it turns out, you can make them even cuter—by having Missy herself, Michelle Gomez, narrate an adorable caper involving Mr. Men and Little Miss versions of the Twelfth Doctor and Missy. Read More >>

Peter Capaldi Could Be Joined By Another Doctor in His Final Doctor Who Episode

And no, not just whoever he’ll be turning into when he regenerates in this year’s Christmas special. We’re talking about a familiar face from Doctor Who past, who could team up with the Twelfth Doctor for one final trip. Read More >>

‘Sonic Screwdriver’ Breaks Time and Space in Order to Be Added to the Oxford English Dictionary

Just ahead of Saturday's series premiere of Doctor Who, the good people at the OED had a little tie-in to announce: “sonic screwdriver,” the Doctor’s multipurpose magic tool, is getting its own entry. Read More >>

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All the Best Wibbley Wobbley Gifts for Doctor Who Fans

In case you hadn't noticed, Doctor Who returned to television screens this weekend. Properly this time, not the one off that we got at Christmas. Anyway, as we head into Peter Capaldi's last series as the Doctor, tensions are high as we try and work out who the next one will be. We've got 12 weeks until the series ends, and then another Christmas special, and Capaldi is gone. Read More >>

We Have Some Real Details About What’s Coming in Doctor Who’s Tenth Season

The tenth—and Peter Capaldi’s final—series of Doctor Who begins this weekend, and despite a couple of trailers and an introduction to the new companion, we don’t actually know all that much about it. Outgoing showrunner Steven Moffat is more than happy to oblige with a few new details however. Read More >>

John Simm Is Returning as the Master on Doctor Who

Sure, we all knew that Michelle Gomez was returning as the Master in the next season of Doctor Who. But now we know she’s being joined by one of her former selves: none other than John Simm himself. I mean, sure, if the Doctor can bring along his past selves for adventures, why not his best friend/mortal nemesis? Read More >>

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In the New Doctor Who Trailer, Time Is Running Out for Peter Capaldi

Going into Doctor Who’s next season, we knew that we would be counting down to the Twelfth Doctor’s doom thanks to Peter Capaldi’s announcement of his departure from the show earlier this year. But if this new trailer is anything to go by, it seems like the end is coming a bit sooner than we thought. Read More >>

Doctor Who’s Newest Companion Is Gay

The modern continuation of Doctor Who has not shied away from LGBTQ characters—but aside from recurring guest characters like Captain Jack or River Song, the show has yet to feature an ongoing, permanent LGBTQ companion. That is until season 10 and the arrival of Bill. Read More >>

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Please Enjoy Steven Moffat’s 1999 Doctor Who Red Nose Day Special

Today is Red Nose Day, an annual charity telethon organised by Comic Relief. Part of Red Nose Day is always a number of sketches and shorts from various TV shows. One of the most famous also happens to be Steven Moffat’s very first filmed Doctor Who story: “The Curse of Fatal Death.” Read More >>

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The New Trailer for Doctor Who Brings Back Almost Everything and Everyone

A brand new trailer for Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat’s last series of Doctor Who has dropped and it has so much in it. Although the cast does helpfully name most of the things you’re seeing. Read More >>

Doctor Who Is Bringing Back the Original, Hellishly Creepy Cybermen From the ’60s

Sure, the Cybermen have been “back” in the revived era of Doctor Who for a while. Hell, they’ve even been turned into Iron Man, basically. But these Cybermen never were actually the original monsters from the classic series—they were parallel world knockoffs. And now, the grandaddies of all Cybermen are finally back. Read More >>

Doctor Who Series 10 Arrives on April 15th

The ninth series of Doctor Who ended on 5th December 2015, and in that time the only Doctor Who the BBC felt we deserved was two stand-alone Christmas specials and a paltry spin-off. Now, at long bloody last, we know when the tenth series is due to begin. April 15th. Read More >>

12 Moments That Defined Peter Capaldi’s Run on Doctor Who

His week brought the shocking news that time is up for the Twelfth Doctor. Peter Capaldi will leave Doctor Who this Christmas, making the way for a new regeneration in 2018. But instead of looking forward and wondering who’s next, we decided to take a look back at the moments that made Peter Capaldi such a remarkable Doctor. Read More >>

Peter Capaldi Is Leaving Doctor Who

It’s time to say farewell to the latest incarnation of the world’s most beloved Time Lord: Peter Capaldi has officially announced his departure from Doctor Who at the end of the current series. Read More >>

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The Best Gifts for Doctor Who Fans

You may have noticed that yesterday was the 50th anniversary of Patrick Troughton's first appearance on Doctor Who. With that in mind, and the fact that the BBC just launched a new spin-off of the decades-old sci-fi programme, we're going to take a look at the best Doctor Who-themed swag you can buy. Read More >>