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Big Finish Is Reviving Doctor Who’s Infamous First Companion Kill

Despite dozens of heroes from across time and space venturing in and out of the TARDIS doors, not a lot of Doctor Who’s companions have actually left via the grim exit of death itself. You might cast your mind back to someone like Adric, but the first companion kill goes back much further...and is about to come back to haunt not just one Time Lord, but two. Read More >>

Boycie Badgered the BBC to Transfer Him to Doctor Who

Actor John Challis, who is forever known as Boycie from Only Fools and Horses and is still very happy to slip into the character for regional Christmas light activations, birthday parties, public appearances and pantomimes, has revealed he tried to convince BBC bosses to let him switch programmes and install him as the big man in sci-fi property Doctor Who. Read More >>

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Matt Smith Says He’s Not in Star Wars: Episode IX, as Far as He Knows

Though Matt Smith was recently spending time playing royalty in Netflix’s The Crown, he’s headed back to genre territory soon. Just maybe not in the project you were hoping to see him in. Read More >>

We’re Getting a Virtual Reality Episode of Doctor Who

Despite not doing a new series this year, the BBC is treating Doctor Who fans to a special VR-only episode. OK, it's only 12 minutes long and animated, but we'll take what we can get. Read More >>

New Doctor Who Tells Old Doctor Who She Had No Idea What Was Going on in Doctor Who

David Tennant has a podcast for something to do now, and being something of a cult figure on the domestic sci-fi scene himself, he has the clout to pull in the big name guests, like a Scottish and primarily online Graham Norton. And there aren't many bigger names in the UK sci-fi niche right now than this week's guest, Jodie Whittaker. Read More >>

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Doctor Who’s New Dalek Had an Incredibly Good Secret Code Name on Set

Despite the fact it ended up leaking well in advance, Doctor Who put a lot into keeping the identity of its New Years Special’s villain—a battered, sinister, and lethal “Recon Dalek”—a secret. Part of that secrecy? An incredibly British code name that was used on the set. Read More >>

Fictional 1960s Women Slate Doctor Who Series 1

The extremely small number of Doctor Who fans who also watch Call the Midwife (under familial duress) were given a staggering treat by the BBC last weekend, as the latter gentle tearjerker included scenes where the ladies discussed the merits of first series Who serial The Aztecs. Read More >>

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Here’s How The UK Ranks The 13 Doctor Who Actors

Opinion organisation YouGov often concerns itself with important issues like Brexit and public opinion on politicians' performance. But today it's outdone itself with the most timey-wimey of important issues: how the 13 Doctors rank. Read More >>

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There Has Never Been a Better Time to Start Listening to Big Finish’s Doctor Who Audio Dramas

With “Resolution” done and dusted, we are officially all out of Doctor Who on television until 2020. Whovians are pretty used to waiting huge lengths of time to see new episodes—like, say, that 16-year gap after the show was cancelled—but if you’re aching to get something Who in your brain, the perfect opportunity lies ahead of you: audio dramas. Read More >>

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Pass the Weekend with the BBC’s Backlog of Doctor Who Screenplays

Did you know that the BBC shares a lot of their teleplays online? Including a lot featuring our favourite Doctor. Read More >>

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Doctor Who and the Rejuvenation of the Daleks

In the nearly 14 years Doctor Who has been back on TV, the Daleks have been built up as the most fearsome army in Time and Space, and then broken down to deconstruct the very idea of what a Dalek represents. But Doctor Who’s New Year’s special brought them right back to 2005's “Dalek”—and finally nailed a balance the show aimed for all season long. Read More >>

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Was Series 11 the Most Northern Series of (New) Doctor Who Yet?

“Lots of planets have a north,” Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor protested when Rose Tyler questioned him about his non-southern accent in the opening episode of the revived Doctor Who way back in 2005. However, until the most recent series starring Jodie Whittaker and her trio of predominantly Yorkshire-hailing companions, the programme has never felt particularly, well, Northern. Read More >>

There’s More to the Doom and Gloom Around Doctor Who’s New Year’s Day Ratings 

On Tuesday, Doctor Who returned for its sole outing in 2019 with “Resolution,” an all-in-all pretty cracking Dalek adventure. But you might instead have spent today reading about how it’s a disaster for the BBC, because overnight ratings are in, and they look pretty rough... but there’s more going on than certain headlines let on. Read More >>

Chris Chibnall Calls Doctor Who’s Political Stories ‘Fundamental’

The latest season of Doctor Who has been breaking ground in a number of ways. Not only has it performed well in ratings with the biggest season opening since the series reboot, but it’s also done a number of episodes focusing on important social and political issues. Showrunner Chris Chibnall says this is vital, as it reflects where we are today. Read More >>

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The Highlights and Lowlights of 2018

If we could describe 2018 in one word, it would be complicated. There have been some amazing shows and films, and fandom has faced a lot of growth and change. But we’ve also seen a lot of pain. We've come together to celebrate the greatest pop culture moments of the year, as well as the things that could and should have been better. Grab a chair and dive into the best and worst of 2018. Read More >>