You’d Be Surprised How Often Doctors Prescribe Placebos

Doctors in Australia commonly give their patients a placebo treatment intended mainly to ease their minds, according to a new study out Monday. But it’s not just an Australian practice – other research has found the same is true of doctors across the world. Read More >>

NHS Prescriptions Go Fully Digital in England Next Month

Confused old women in need of more cataract cream and hardcore painkillers to make the days bearable are going to have to learn something new next month, as the UK's NHS prescription service for England is kicking over to an entirely digital way of working that will save millions of pounds' worth of little bits of paper. Read More >>

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Doctors Have an Alarmingly High Suicide Rate, and No One is Sure How to Help Them

Medical doctors are more likely to die from suicide than members of any other profession in the US, suggests new research presented this week at the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association. And worse than that, few interventions seem to have helped make these suicides less common. Read More >>

The NHS Will Let People See Their GP via Video Call

Getting an appointment with the doctor can be a huge pain. You have to ring up and stay on hold for half an hour, only to find there are no appointments available for the next week and a half. And that's not including the effort it takes to get to the surgery, and all the waiting involved reading the same public health posters over and over. Plus the appointments are always in the middle of the day, which means you need to take time off work. Read More >>

Doctors Are Using Snapchat to Bypass Clunky NHS Systems

A report into how the NHS uses technology has formed some pretty scathing opinions, suggesting that the health service has done a poor job of updating to use the most modern tools -- and adding that some doctors appear to be taking matters into their own hands by using social media to share things with colleagues. Read More >>

Doctors Say Don’t Bother Treating Some Common Problems

A panel of expert doctors has assembled a list of 40 ailments that it thinks don't really need to be treated as much or as aggressively as they currently are, in advice that basically tells the nation to stop fussing. Read More >>

Disability Rights Group Outraged by ‘Spy-Like’ Job Coaches in GP Surgeries

A trial within one London council area that sees job coaches installed in family doctor surgeries is not going down well with disabled people, who say the concept is akin to spying -- and could lead to people with disabilities staying away from GPs out of the fear of having their entitlements challenged. Read More >>

Junior NHS Doctors Balloted Over Future Strike Action

The British Medical Association is asking its junior members if they'd be interested in having a strike as a disagreement over new work contracts turns nasty, with the end result being a possible strike or some sort of work-to-rule protest. Read More >>

Junior Doctors’ Pay Won’t Be Cut and They Won’t Need to Work Extra Hours, Says Jeremy Hunt

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt has offered assurances that the vast majority of junior doctors won’t be adversely affected by the government’s new contracts. There have been huge fears that junior medics’ salaries could soon be cut by up to 30 per cent, with medics also threatening strike action. However, Hunt says there’s nothing to worry about. Read More >>

The Future of the NHS: Slick Apps, Virtual Wards and Fitbits For Old People

The NHS isn’t in good shape. Money’s short, morale is dreadfully low and increasingly pissed off medics up and down the country are choosing to either retire early or up sticks and find more favourable working conditions elsewhere. You don’t need me to tell you where that may leave us. Read More >>

Doctors Successfully Transplant Human Penis

A patient has happily "regained all functions" in his penis after having a new one transplanted on, following the removal of his original unit three years previously due to complications that arose from a botched circumcision. Read More >>

Doctors to Start Prescribing Boilers, Insulation and Double Glazing

GPs in England will soon be able to prescribe you a warmer home, thanks to a £3m funding pledge that sets aside money to help those whose health issues are caused by living in damp, poorly heated housing. Read More >>

More Evidence That the NHS is the UK’s Greatest Innovation

This infographic shows the perceived barriers to accessing healthcare in countries around the world. The percentage of people not seeking help because of cost, in the very first row, is why we're quite lucky we have free access to someone to moan at when bits of us go red or hurt. Read More >>

Doctors Could be Forced to Apologise for Mistakes or Face the Sack

The General Medical Council wants to toughen up the rules covering the mistakes doctors make while on the job, suggesting the threat of being struck off the medical register may be used to force them to apologise to victims and their families. Read More >>