Assange Turned Down Sharing Dirt on Russia

According to a newly released Foreign Policy report, leaked communications show Wikileaks declined to release a cache of hacked Russian documents in the summer of 2016, dismissing the only partially published records as “already public.” While there will be plenty of talk about this being proof of founder Julian Assange’s loyalties to Russia, it most prominently displays his general hypocrisy and self-interest. Read More >>

Apple Busted Misleading Customers in Sting Operation, Lawsuit Claims

Apple really doesn’t like its customers having the right to repair their own devices, and while Apple fights it out in the US, it’s being accused of sneakily trying to get around Australian law. The Guardian has obtained court documents that detail a sting operation by Australia’s consumer watchdog that showed Apple willfully misled customers about their rights. Read More >>

Facebook Admits Its Trending Section Includes Topics Not Actually Trending on Facebook [Update: Zuck Speaks]

Facebook’s Trending news section includes topics that aren’t actually trending on Facebook, according to a statement from the company today. Read More >>

Dropbox Just Put All Your Photos in One Place

Any photos you have on Dropbox are about to be organised. A new service called Virtual Photo Album rounds up literally every image you've got in Dropbox, puts them in one place, and sorts them by date. Pretty great — or maybe pretty scary if you're not sure what's in your Dropbox. Read More >>