Sniffer Dogs Trained to Find USB Sticks and Gadgets go on Patrol

USB sticks containing the plans of terrorists or the grim and illegal porn stashes of paedophiles are no longer safe, thanks to a couple of detection dogs that have been trained to sniff out the nice plasticky smell of warm electronic devices. Read More >>

Too Lazy to Walk Your Dog? This Drone Will Do it For You

Maybe you already use a drone for general tomfoolery, perhaps a spot of aerial photography, or maybe just feeling like a boss in control of a flying robot. But what about for walking your dog? Read More >>

All of London’s Dog Police Staff to Wear Body Cameras

The bad news is the cameras are being worn by the dog handlers and staff, not the actual dogs. The good news is members of the public can request to view any footage they might be featured in within 31 days of it being recorded, so any accused criminals can get a little video memento of their crimes. Read More >>

Unethical Breeding is Creating Serious Health Problems for German Shepherds

German Shepherds are among the most popular dog breeds in the world, but their numbers have started to decline. New research suggests the decreasing demand for German Shepherds may have something to do with the breed’s propensity for health problems—likely the result of selective breeding for cosmetic traits. Read More >>

You Can Probably Tell if Other Animals Are Emotionally Aroused

It is likely that you, a human, can tell when your fellow humans are upset based on the sound of their voice. You might even be able to tell when your non-human pet is upset. But what about non-mammals, like frogs? What about birds? Read More >>

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DNA Testing Suggests Dogs Needed No Convincing to Befriend Humans

Dogs have loved us for thousands of years, despite humanity’s many flaws and foibles. New research suggests dogs were domesticated from wolves just once—that’s all it might have taken for puppers and people to form an everlasting alliance. Read More >>

“HelloFresh For Dogs” Is Now A Thing

For a few years now subscription services that post you a daily selection of healthy snacks have been growing in popularity amongst the healthier-than-thou in offices up and down the country. Read More >>

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Why Does Dog Poo Smell Bad to Us but Good to Dogs?

There are some things we can all agree on. For instance: the fact that shit smells bad. There are some contrarians out there—fetishists, middle school class clowns, etc.—but for the most part this issue transcends the usual divisions. Read More >>

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Do Dogs Know They’re Good Boys?

In the taxonomy of domestic dogs (Canis lupus familiaris), there are canines of all shapes and sizes, but rest assured, they are all good. A real pup enthusiast knows that within this framework, there are even more intricate strata: there are doggos, puppers, pupperinos, shoobs, shibes, shooberinos, and longboys, for example. While we know all dogs are good boys (and girls), the question remains—do dogs know? Read More >>

Dogs Really do Attack Postmen — Seven Times a Day

The Royal Mail is doing one of those special weeks this week, declaring it Dog Awareness Week. And some of its postmen are extremely aware of dogs indeed, as the postal group says its delivery men and women are subjected to an average of seven dog attacks a day across the country when delivering our exciting packages. Read More >>

Study Identifies the Likely Genetic Mutation Responsible for Smooshed-Faced Dogs

Scientists have long understood that dogs with flat faces like pugs and bulldogs are the result of out-of-control selective breeding. But they’ve yet to discover the exact genetic mutation that’s responsible for the physical traits of these dogs. A new study has gone a long way towards finding the answer and could have implications for the health of these beleaguered canines. Read More >>

This Post About Dog Pee Will Change Your Life

Eyes away from whatever you’re looking at. No need to keep reading stressful news about our President, fidget spinners, stuff dying, any of that. Read More >>

A Carpet Cleaning Company Made A Wet Hoover For Dogs

If you know the name Bissell at all, it's probably from their range of carpet cleaners, hoovers and floor sweepers. In other words, they do things for floors. Read More >>

Get Analytics on Your Dog With This Smart Collar Tracker

Dog-themed tech startup Jagger & Lewis has launched (a funding campaign for) a dog-tracker today, one that clips onto the collar of any standard old dumb legacy dog and upgrades it to a full-on data-streaming smart dog. Read More >>

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Two Good Boys Pull a Snowboarder Through a Storm

Barney and Cabot are golden retrievers. The man on the snowboard is Barney and Cabot’s dad. Barney and Cabot’s dad is using his good boys as transportation. Read More >>