These Cute, Pixelated Puppers Will Devour You in This Wolfenstein 3D Mod

You might love Wolfenstein, but I’m not one who can stomach much violence, even when it’s in service of destroying Nazis in all their forms. As a result, I’ve never played more than a few minutes of any Wolfenstein game. That’s why Return to Castle Woofenstein (aka Woof3d), a mod that turns every enemy Nazi into a lovable doggo, is right up my alley. Read More >>

A US Science Teacher Allegedly Fed a Puppy to a Snapping Turtle in Front of Students

According to a Monday report in East Idaho News, longtime science teacher Robert Crosland at Preston Junior High School is in trouble over what Preston School District 201 Superintendent Marc Gee says is a “regrettable circumstance involving some of the biological specimens” for use in Crosland’s classes. Read More >>

PETA Worries a Dog With Crufts Arena Invasion

Activists allied with animal rights/feelings group PETA created quite the scene at Crufts over the weekend, when a couple of its people armed with A4 pieces of paper stormed the dog show event right at the big prize-giving moment. Read More >>

More Evidence That Dogs ‘See’ the World With Their Powerful Noses

Dogs are equipped with a powerful sense of smell, but scientists haven’t been sure if our canine companions are capable of linking an aroma or scent to a physical object. New research suggests this is very much the case, and that dogs form a mental picture in their mind of the target when they’re tracking down a scent. Read More >>

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Do Animals Have a Sense of Competition?

Humans do the wildest things to animals—stick them with experimental drugs, mash them into cheap nuggets, mount their severed heads on dining room walls. Against this backdrop of chaos and mass extermination the Puppy Bowl seems fairly benign, as do all those other events, like the Kentucky Derby, where animals are forced to play sports for our amusement. We know that humans like these games, especially when their bets pay off; but how do the animals feel? What’s, say, on a horse’s mind, when it finishes first in a race? Can an animal have some sense that it’s won something, or, for that matter, lost? Read More >>

Water Detection Dog Tested on Leaking Northern Water Pipes

The very real science of dogs using their noses to do clever things is being put to new use in the north east, where a water-sniffing dog is being used to see if holes in water pipes can be uncovered without everyone having to get the shovels out. Read More >>

Channel 4 Wants to Make Crufts an Exciting Sporting Thrill Ride

The 2018 TV coverage of sickening animal parade Crufts is apparently going to be exciting for once, with Channel 4 and its external production friends hoping to jazz it up and make it into a dramatic sporting event of the sort men race to be first to tweet the results of on social media. Read More >>

Study: Dogs Bite Anxious People More

If you’ve ever been nervous around a dog and told to just be calm because dogs can “smell fear,” you know that that advice is about as effective as telling a pissed-off person to chill. The sentiment behind that guidance, though, appears to be rooted in some truth: While dogs probably can’t smell fear, they do seem to respond to fearful people with more aggression. A new study published Thursday in the BMJ found that anxious, neurotic people are more likely to be bitten by dogs. Further, the researchers found that most victims were bitten by dogs they didn’t know. Read More >>

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A Tiny Singing Dog Might Be the Solution to Your Lousy Commute

As commute times continue to rise, more and more people are working from home. But if you still have to physically drag yourself to the office, there are concrete actions you can take to improve your daily grind. Namely, the addition of a little dog that sings along to your favourite string quartet. Read More >>

Here’s the Latest Research on Why Dogs Eat Their Own Poo

It drives dog owners nuts. You’re out for a pleasant stroll with your canine companion, and because some asshat didn’t pick up after their own pooch, a fresh, steamy turd is sitting right there on the pavement. Before you have time to react, you horrifyingly watch your supposed best friend pounce upon the poo, gobbling it down in the blink of an eye. Read More >>

Good Luck Trying to Pronounce the Names of the American Kennel Club’s Newest Dog Breeds

The adorable and challengingly named Nederlandse Kooikerhondje and the Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen are the first breeds to be added to the American Kennel Club roster since 2016. Read More >>

Stop Feeding Your Pets Raw Meat

An emerging trend among pet owners is the practise of feeding dogs and cats raw meat. This idea is that we should put our domestic cats and dogs on diets that more closely approximate what they might eat in nature. New research from Europe shows the surprising degree to which germs and parasites can be found in commercial raw-meat products—posing potential health risks to both pets and their owners. Read More >>

Aldi Has Matching Dog/Human Jumpers for Christmas

Is your stupid old dog just brown and boring and not Christmassy enough? Then get down to Aldi, where a new range of jazzy Fairisle pet jumpers designed to match their human equivalents are on sale. Read More >>

Very Good Dogs Are Helping Us Find Endangered Species

It appears the newest Australian Scientists on the scene are of the canine variety. Read More >>

Here’s Why Scientists Cloned the First Cloned Dog

Ever since the first cloned mammal, Dolly the Sheep, died abnormally young, there’s been plenty of talk about clone aging. Now, scientists have cloned the world’s first cloned dog in order to study these “re-clones” to determine whether they die sooner and age quicker than their non-cloned counterparts. Read More >>