Samsung’s New Soundbar Doesn’t Need Speakers in Your Ceiling for 3-D Audio

Soundbars aren’t normally the go-to option for crazy immersive surround sound, but a Samsung-Dolby partnership is hoping to change that. Using a pair of rear speakers, a soundbar and the ceiling of your den, Samsung’s trying to recreate the 3-D feeling of a Dolby Atmos cinema. Read More >>

Dolby Atmos for Mobile Ears-On: Can You Really Get Immersive Surround Sound from Regular Headphones?

While mobile screen resolution races from one breakthrough to the next, smartphone and tablet audio has been somewhat left behind. Though some, like Neil Young with his Pono and Sony's recent high-resolution audio push, have looked to address this when it comes to music, Dolby is one of the few companies that's looking to work bringing solid audio to mobile movie viewing. Read More >>

Dolby Atmos for Your Home: I’ve Heard it, and it Sounds Bloody Brilliant

Dolby Atmos has been the Holy Grail of cinema surround sound since it was first revealed back in April 2012. Allowing filmmakers to turn individual sounds from a movie soundtrack into separate audio objects, it uses an overhead speaker array to put you in the middle of a dome-like soundscape, with trackable audio sources flying all around above you. It’s truly impressive, and is slowly being introduced to more and more multiplexes, and used increasingly by filmmakers. Read More >>

Onkyo Bringing Dolby Atmos to Living Rooms With New Home Theatre Recievers

Dolby Atmos's long-awaited arrival into living rooms is nearly upon us, with Onkyo the first AV receiver manufacturer to announce a range supporting the overhead cinematic sound format. Read More >>

Dolby’s Crazy Atmos Surround Sound is Coming to Your Living Room

More than two years ago, Dolby trotted out Atmos, the most advanced surround-sound system in history. It's been used to bring explosions and battles to deafening life in films from Gravity to The Hobbit, to create chilling, intense movie going experiences to hundreds of cinemas. Now, as predicted, Dolby plans to bring Atmos to your house. Read More >>

Dolby Atmos Surround Sound Could Come to Living Rooms, But Many Challenges Stand in its Way

Once you've heard Atmos, there's no going back. Gradually rolling out to more and more cinema screens across the globe, Dolby's Atmos surround sound system is so immersive it makes even the most elaborate home cinema speaker array seem puny by comparison. So far the reserve of multiplexes, could Atmos ever make its way into homes? Quite possibly, but not without clearing many a hurdle first. Read More >>

Glasgow Gets Dolby Atmos-Enabled

Good news today for our Scottish friends. The future of cinema sound has finally made its way up to you, as the new Vue Glasgow Fort has had Dolby Atmos installed, joining London's Empire Leicester Square as the first Atmos screens in the country. Trust us, it's worth getting ears on if you can. Read More >>

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Dolby Atmos: The Incredible Prototype Cinema Behind the Future of Movie Sound

Tucked in a corner of Soho Square, cosied up against ad agencies and seemingly every media firm in London, is the London HQ of Dolby, who you may remember from the title credits of just about every film ever. Hiding in the heart of this otherwise-ordinary building, though, is arguably the coolest cinema in the country, created at enormous expense to demonstrate the next gen of cinema tech. Read More >>

The Hobbit Will Use Dolby’s Crazy 128-Element Atmos Sound

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is shaping up to be a groundbreaking event for film technology. First, we heard that Director Peter Jackson shot the film at 48 frames-per-second, and now he's telling us that the film's sound will be mixed for Dolby's ultra-intense new Atmos system. Read More >>

You Can Hear Dolby’s New 64-Speaker Audio in Pixar’s Brave

This weekend, the world will get its first chance to experience the latest sounds from the cinema audio nerds at Dolby. Pixar's new animated feature, Brave, is the first film to use Dolby's new Atmos technology, which makes 7.1 sound on Toy Story 3 seem pathetic. Read More >>