You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Watched Daredevil on LG’s Signature G6 OLED TV

Television, despite what the manufacturers are saying, is in a pretty boring place at the moment. The jump to colour from black and white, to high definition from standard—even the unmitigated failure that was 3D—those were moments in TV history. What we’ve currently got is gentle, natural leaps in picture quality: wider colour gamuts and HDR. Read More >>

Dolby Wants its IMAX Competitor to Be the Future of Cinema

The advent of the internet, torrenting, and legally dubious streaming sites have threatened cinemas for years, but cinemas are still big business and Dolby is investing in its future with Dolby Cinema. Read More >>

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How Dolby Vision Works, and How It Could Revolutionise TVs Forever

There are three ways that television displays can be improved, two of which you're probably already familiar with: you can up the density of the pixels, or increase the refresh rate. But Dolby has taken to improving the third factor: They're building a better and brighter pixel. Read More >>

Dolby Vision Will Make Sure Your TV’s Colours and Brightness are Right

From your home theater to the cineplex, Dolby has long been the industry standard for serious digital sound. If you're not using Dolby's proprietary tech, you're playing games. With Dolby Vision tech, the company wants to make movies on your TV look as good as it makes them sound on your surround sound system. Read More >>