Amazon Echo Now Lets You Automate The Ordering Part Of Gorging Yourself On Pizza

There isn't a machine to stuff the tasty circular food into your mouth yet, but thanks to Domino's, you can now order a pizza just by yelling at an inanimate object. The object in question is Amazon's Echo and the pizza will be whatever you want it to be. It does need to be set up first though, as it uses Domino's existing "favourite basket" to make the process quick. Read More >>

A Breaded Chicken Crust, Because Your Domino’s Pizza Alone Wasn’t Unhealthy Enough Already (Updated)

Domino's crimes against your cholesterol levels are many and varied, but so far never as heinous as that of rival Pizza Hut. That's about to change. The pizza-pimping takeaway is pushing the boundaries of what constitutes a crust to uncharted realms with its new breaded chicken-filled edge. Read More >>

Domino’s Spoofs BA Billboard With “Look Down” Live Pizza Delivery Tracking

We're not sure if this Domino's add is based on real technology or just an attempt at getting a video to go viral, but still. It's quite clever, gently mocking BA's awesome Look Up plane tracking advert by monitoring the progress of a pizza delivery about the city. Read More >>