Your Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Can Be Hacked to Gain Control of Your PC

The wireless link between your mouse and dongle might not be as useful as you think. A new hack shows that the links are often unencrypted and can be used to gain control of your computer. Read More >>

The Greatest iPhone Accessory Ever Made

Well, OK, it’s not the kind of dongle you’d expect. The paperback sticky note is a pad of paper that sticks to the back of your iPhone 6, allowing you to (gasp) use your phone as an actual, real notepad as well as a computer. Read More >>

The Electric Jukebox is a Dongle/HDMI/Remote/£180/£60 Stream of Confusion

The selling point of Electric Jukebox is simple -- access "millions" of albums and songs on your TV through a plug-and-play HDMI dongle. The problem being it costs £149 at the moment, a price that'll rise to £179 once the launch window slams shut. Read More >>

Intel Compute Stick Review: Don’t Buy It

Who wouldn’t want a cheap HDMI stick that can turn any TV into a full Windows computer? Nobody, right? That’s what we thought. Oh god were we wrong. When Intel announced the Compute Stick at CES, we figured it could become the ultimate miniature PC for all kinds of people. Too bad it’s terrible. Read More >>

Intel’s £170 Stick That Turns a TV Into a Windows Desktop is Now on Sale

The Intel Compute Stick, a snazzy dongle that can turn anything with an HDMI port into a full-fledged Windows computer, made a bit of a splash when it touched down at CES 2015. And now it's landing for real, with pre-orders being taken for the clever £169.95 device. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Wireless Display Adapter Makes Your TV a Second Screen

Everyone knows of Google's successful Chromecast dongle, and the amount of imitators and competitors for USB-powered streaming supremacy are steadily climbing. Roku revealed its own Streaming Stick earlier this year and now Microsoft will be releasing its Wireless Display Adapter. Read More >>

Microsoft May Take on Chromecast With its Own Dongle Device

When it comes to streaming content to televisions, we certainly have choices—and Microsoft may offer another. Read More >>