The Science Behind That Stick Figure Doodle Brought to Life With Water

A few weeks ago, the internet was wowed by a video of a magic marker stick figure doodle that appeared to magically come to life with a little water. Many assumed there were some unseen shenanigans that made the stick figure leap off the table, but as Steve Mould explains, it’s all due to the simple science of erasable markers. Read More >>

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Pouring Water on a Magic Marker Stick Figure Magically Brings It to Life

If the lighting wasn’t so bad, we’d be inclined to believe this video was the work of a Hollywood special effects studio, because somehow, a simple magic marker doodle of a stick figure appears to come to life with nothing more than some spilled liquid. Read More >>

What on Earth is the Trans-Siberian Railway?

Google's assembled a fully animated Doodle to sit atop its search engine main page today, one designed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the completion of the Trans-Siberian Railway. But what is it? Is the name not descriptive enough? Read More >>

WhatsApp Now Lets You Draw Little Pictures

With its enormous user base and built-in end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp has some major advantages over rival messaging tools. In the hyper-competitive digital marketplace of 2016, however, only one feature truly matters: the ability to draw little pictures (preferably cute ones) over other little pictures. Read More >>

Doesn’t Look Like Google Put Much Effort into its St. Andrew’s Day Doodle

Today's Google Doodle is meant to honour Scotland, seeing as it's St. Andrew's Day today. Can the tech geniuses of the world really not manage anything better or more inventive/celebratory than a crappy animated GIF of the Loch Ness Monster, with even the Google logo font looking rubbish and not adhering to its own guidelines? Read More >>

An Incredibly Simple Way to Draw Your Hand in 3D

For millennia, when children traced their hands on paper the end result was always the same. Now we are on the brink of a revolution. Today, we have learned how to draw our hands in 3D—and are here to teach you. Read More >>

With One Click, You Can See Every Google Doodle Ever Made

What's better than some Google Doodles? How about ALL of the Google Doodles all shiny and in chronological order. It's simple: 1) Go to or 2) Hit "I'm Feeling Lucky" without typing anything first. 3) Enjoy. [Big ups to Matt Cherette for the link] Read More >>