The Doomsday Clock Is Just Two Minutes From Midnight, Again 

Last year brought the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’s famed Doomsday Clock as close as it’s ever been to midnight. This year’s update will test if you’re a glass half full or empty person. The clock is at the same daunting precipice it was last year thanks to the “two simultaneous existential threats” of climate change and nuclear war, as well as growing concern over efforts to debase truth and information warfare. Read More >>

Meet The Brexit Doomsday Survivalists Who Are Stockpiling For No Deal

Back in the mid-2000s, when it seemed that the world was still getting incrementally better, one of my favourite things to do was to watch documentaries about and read about crazy survivalists in America. Read More >>

The Earth’s Magnetic Poles Are Not About to Flip, and Here’s Why

Despite recent panic surrounding the potential reversal of our planet’s magnetic poles, new evidence suggests it’s probably not the impending doom it sounds like. Read More >>

Even China’s State News Agency Thinks the Pollution “Doomsday” Has Arrived

Pollution levels in northeast China are breaking records. In fact, the air quality being recorded in the city of Shenyang is 50 times what the World Health Organisation (WHO) says is safe for breathing. China’s state news agency is comparing conditions to the end of the world. Read More >>

7 Ways the World Really Could End Tomorrow

There's no shortage Doomsday naysayers. And sure, it's easy to ignore the prophecies of ancient Mayans. But you know what? The world could end any time — including tomorrow. Read More >>

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NASA Posts Video 10 Days Early Explaining Why the World Didn’t End

The world will not end on December 21st, 2012. The government is sure of it and so is NASA. In fact, NASA is so confident that the world will not on that day, that it has already published the December 22nd, 2012 ScienceCast video explaining why the world didn't end the day before. Heady. Read More >>

Jungle Science: Mayans Actually Didn’t Predict a 2012 Apocalypse

According to recently uncovered jungle etchings, the great Mayan 2012 Apocalypse myth is not only just that—the Mayan calendar actually allowed for octillions of years of world history. So, um, I guess we can all relax now! Read More >>

How Many Nukes Would It Take to Blow Up the Entire Planet?

Dropping one nuclear bomb is terrible enough—cities leveled, populations vaporised. Horrible enough on its own—but what if you dropped 183.000? Goodbye, USA. So what about obliterating the moon? We've got it. Read More >>

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The Complete Video Guide to the 2012 End of the World Imbecility

NASA has already spent some time explaining why all the 2012 End of the World theories are as stupid as those who postulate them. This video is not by NASA, but it summarises things perfectly. Read More >>

NASA: We Aren’t Going to Be Consumed By a Black Hole, You 2012 Doomsday Imbeciles

We knew that the world isn't going to end consumed by a supernova in 2012. Now NASA has published another article debunking another doomsday imbeciles' theory: cosmic alignment between Sun, Earth and the huge black hole at the center of the galaxy. Read More >>