Don’t Use a Nest Doorbell to Raise Your Kids

Nest recently released a new ad, and let me tell you: there are some issues with the content. So you see this teenage girl in a prom dress ring a Nest doorbell, and a teen couple walk out the front door. The two girls walk to a car, as a low robotic voice beckons the boy and proceeds to give him a fatherly speech about being a gentleman. Turns out, the voice is actually coming from the doorbell and belongs to his doctor dad who is at work at a hospital. Again, there are some issues. Read More >>

A Super Mario Coin Doorbell Grants Infinite Annoyance

How do you spice up your home's doorbell without resorting to some over-obnoxious chime? If you happen to be programmer and Super Mario Bros. fan Joseph Thai, you hack the button outside your door to let visitors collect coins every time they push the button. Read More >>

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Scare Trick-or-Treaters Senseless With a Shrieking MP3 Doorbell

Your front lawn is full of gravestones, skeletons hang from the trees, and a haze of cobwebs coats your porch. Yup, you've gone all out this Halloween to make your house the spookiest on the block. Read More >>