Doritos Plans “Low Crunch” Crisps for the Ladies

The current boss of brand behemoth PepsiCo has revealed a plan to attack the difficult world of what women eat when they allow themselves to, revealing that the company's Doritos crisps line is shortly to expand to feature several items created specifically for the ladies. Read More >>

Stuffing Cool Ranch Doritos in a Pepper Grinder Is How You Bottle Genius

Some people douse their meals in salt, pepper, even Tabasco sauce before even having a taste. It's impossible to know if the food actually needs more seasoning—unless you've gone to the trouble of filling a pepper grinder with crushed up Cool Ranch Doritos. Then it's guaranteed that whatever you're eating will taste better with a few twists. Read More >>

Dumb Flaming-Dorito-Eating American Demonstrates Many Reasons Why He Shouldn’t Be Allowed Access to YouTube’s Upload Function

Apparently, “the people” want to see someone eating Doritos that are on fire while their hair is ablaze. Some dumbass people will do anything for their moment of fame. Read More >>