shooting challenge
Shooting Challenge #33 Double Exposures — The Winners Are…

Our most recent Shooting Challenge was all about the secret art of the multiple exposure and was the perfect opportunity to try some experimental photography and make something magical. Read More >>

image cache
The Miracle of Serendipity Captured in a Single Image

You've seen photos of a groom kissing a bride a million times. It's always beautiful, but this double exposed image taken by two different photographers captures the weight of that moment better than any other. Finding love is random—and refreshing like splashing into a pool. Read More >>

Minimo: The Double Exposure Camera Gone Digital

Amongst all the classic techniques we've lost thanks to digital photography, you're probably noticed the vanishing of double exposure photography the least. But a new camera, the Minimo, is a 3.2 megapixel, double exposure shooter that will help bring it back. And you won't burn so much money on film this time. Read More >>