Vegan Week: Greggs’ New Vegan-Friendly Doughnut Tastes Like… A Doughnut

Earlier this week we discovered that Greggs had replaced its glazed ring doughnut for a different kind of sweet treat - a glazed ring doughnut that is vegan friendly. The original non-vegan version has since been replaced, in what no doubt haunts Piers Morgan's dreams at night - or so I assume he'll be claiming when he hears the news. Seeing as it's vegan week here at Gizmodo UK, I went out to try one to see what it was like. Four Greggs branches later I managed to get one, only to discover that it tastes like a doughnut. Read More >>

black friday
Uber Eats Has A Black Friday Offer On Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Now THIS is the kind of Black Friday offer we can get behind. Read More >>

Deliveroo Is Giving Away 2,000 Free Doughnuts In London On Friday

The relentless march of food delivery press releases continues with the news that Deliveroo is treating London to a load of free doughnuts on Friday 16th November. Read More >>

Tell Me This New Planetary Object Isn’t a Doughnut

Planets sort of look like big basketballs in space, floating around aimlessly. Sometimes they have rings. Other times, they look like gnocchi. More or less, to the average stargazer, planets have roughly the same shape—but a pair of scientists has just thrown a most delicious curveball into this whole equation. Apparently, doughnut planets might be a thing. Read More >>

The Krispy Kreme Nutella Doughnut Lands May 27th, But You Can Scoff it Up Early

How has this only just become a thing? The poor, sugar-coated, jam-pumped people over at Krispy Kreme have pseudo-leaked the Nutty Chocolatta, a new doughnut creation that's packed with lovely, oozy Nutella. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Read More >>