BBC Loses iPlayer and Web Sites in Technical Meltdown

At time of writing, pretty much everything the BBC has on offer to amuse us on the internet is broken, with the broadcaster's web sites and the critical national iPlayer infrastructure not responsive. Read More >>

We Tested Waterproof Down By Jumping in a Frozen Lake

Down is the most effective, commonly available insulator known to man. So long as you keep it dry. But, new hydrophobic down coatings promise to retain its warmth when wet. We tested that claim by cutting a hole in a frozen lake and jumping through it. Read More >>

The Site That Tells You if Sites are Down is Down is the site we all use to figure out if sites are actually down or not. But right now, that site appears to be down. I think? Is it really down? Or is it just me? I can't tell. Read More >>

Updated: Twitter Was Down, But Not Anymore

Update 18:40: Panic over, Twitter is back online. That was a rough 10 minutes wasn't it? Read More >>

A Facebook Bug Pretty Much Took Down the Entire Internet

If you thought the Internet freaked out for a little bit and every site you went to was down, you're not alone. Major websites were down: CNN, Huffington Post, ESPN, Gawker, The Washington Post, BuzzFeed, etc. were all broken. Why? Because of a glitch with Facebook. Read More >>

Google Talk Is Down

Google is reporting that there's a widespread outage of its Talk IM service. The company explains that it's "aware of a problem with Google Talk affecting a majority of users". Read More >>