Openreach Van Effigy Wins Bonfire Night

Residents in the village of Templeton in Devon have put into action what many of us have been thinking, with their fury at BT's engineering teams demonstrated by burning an effigy of an Openreach van. Read More >>

Google Adds Offline Tools to Android Chrome

Google's latest version of Chrome for its Android devices comes under the catchy release number of 55.0.2883.84, with one or more of those numbers signifying something new and exciting -- an offline mode. Read More >>

Physical Game Sales Crumbled in July as Gamers go Digital

Sales of in-a-box real versions of video games hit a new all-time low in the UK, at least since games were invented, started being £40 and sales began being counted, with just £21.4m spent on physical games in the UK during July; a number lower than the lowest low of £23m reported back in July of 2013. Read More >>

giz explains
What is Kodi? A Beginner’s Guide to the Streaming Media Centre

You've heard the name across the web, even in the Giz UK comments sections. Kodi this, Kodi that. People singing praises about what it is and what it can do. But what is Kodi? If you don't have a clue what's going on, don't fret. We at Giz have your back, and by the end of this you should have a good idea of what Kodi is and what it can do for you. Read More >>

Torrent Traffic Drops as Pirates Switch to Direct Download and Streams

Data scavenged together by a piracy tracker appears to show that the big public torrent sites are on a bit of a downtrend, as years of blockades and legally enforced server troubles slowly eat away at the black market share of the main torrenting portals. Read More >>

98% of Public Says “No” to 10-Year Jail Terms for Pirating Stuff

A public consultation looking at ways to beef up the legal response to online piracy has come out strongly against making examples of people with massive ten-year maximum jail terms, with 98 per cent of the public saying that locking people up for ten years for nicking something virtual is really a bit much. Read More >>

Adele’s “Hello” Breaks All Records by Selling One Million Downloads in a Week

Adele’s post-hiatus hit has reached a milestone that has not been achieved by any other song in history. According to Nielsen Music, the singer sold one million downloads of the song in just seven days. Read More >>

You Now Have the Right to Have a Broken Digital Purchase Repaired

New consumer rights laws have come into place in the UK today, ones designed to protect our non-physical purchases in the digital age -- and provide us with a "repair or replacement" should a piece of digital content somehow be deemed faulty. Cue an avalanche of gamers requesting refunds for glitches. Read More >>

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Hunt Down and Remove Duplicate Files from Your PC

Duplicate files can cause all kinds of problems on your computer, taking up precious storage room, confusing your photo or media manager apps, and generally getting in the way of searches and other operations when you’d rather they didn’t. You don’t have to accept duplicate files as an inevitability of running a PC, though: Here’s how to get rid of them. Read More >>

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How to Turn Your Phone Into a Dash Cam

There are all kinds of reasons why you might want to set up a dash cam in your car: Everything from settling insurance claims to capturing footage of passing meteorites. And if you’re taking your smartphone along for the ride anyway, then you may as well get it to take over dash cam duties too. Read More >>

The Most Obscenely Expensive Gaming DLC Ever

You like games! We like games! But does anyone like games enough to pay this much? Time was, when video games were released, developers frontloaded them with the best possible content they were capable of producing. This is because back in the pre-online days, once a game was finished, it sat on a player’s shelf gathering dust. Read More >>

star wars
Good and Bad Star Wars Films Now Yours, Digitally

The gears of the world are turning to ensure that maximum publicity is gained for the year-end arrival of the new Star Wars film, hence the original trilogy -- and those three other rubbish films -- now appearing on digital formats for the first time. If you don't count Bittorrent. Read More >>

Universal Wants Spotify to Cut Free Music Streaming

After a few years of back-and-forth negotiations between labels, Spotify had seemed to have settled on a free, ad-supported streaming model that appeared to please all parties. Spotify could offer a largely-unlimited catalogue to free users in order to entice them to pay for the premium service, labels got a drip-feed of advertising revenues, and users could fill their boots provided they could put up with a few advertisements every so often. Read More >>

Smallers ISPs are Better at Keeping Users Happy

A survey of how happy ISP users are with their connections has found that people tend to be more content with the services of the smaller companies, with the giants leading the list of complaints -- and the minnows doing a better job. Read More >>

Street in Romney Marsh Shamed as the Worst for Broadband in the UK

A mash-up of around 1 million broadband speed test results has outed the fastest and slowest broadband spots in the UK, with recorded local averages ranging from 0.5Mbps to a luxurious and futuristic 72Mbps. Read More >>