BBC Cooking up Paid Netflix-Style TV Service Separate to iPlayer

The BBC and ITV are reportedly cooking up a new subscription service in the same mould as Netflix. Talks between the two organisations are said to be in early stages, but it’s understood that the service would mainly feature older content no longer available through iPlayer or ITV Player. Read More >>

Activision Targets Casual/Historical Fans With Downton Abbey Game

Mainstream lowbrow entertainment behemoths ITV and Activision have combined forces to create a surefire crossborder intergenerational smash, somehow convincing a group of adult mobile phone programmers to make a game based on costume drama Downton Abbey. Read More >>

20 Per Cent Off a Takeaway Is Your Friday Night Special Deal of the Day

It’s almost the weekend, and almost time for us all to stop thinking about our hateful jobs, detestable bosses and that potentially-worrying medical problem that we really ought to get looked at. Read More >>