The Future of Drone Delivery Could Send Stuff to You, Not Your Address

People love talking about how everything will be delivered by drones in the future, which will be better for some reasons. So far drone delivery has all been focused on dropping stuff outside your house, much like delivery people do already. Cambridge Consultants, on the other hand, is thinking beyond that. Read More >>

The Coldest of the Cold Cases: Using DNA to Identify Century-Old Remains

In a dusty, seemingly empty field 60 miles east of L.A., Dr. Alexis Gray, a forensic anthropologist from the San Bernardino County Sheriff Department, points to a chain-link fence far in the distance, the mountains rising beyond in the hazy heat. "There are 7,000 people between us and that next fence there," she says. For almost a decade, her job has been to confirm the identification of every single one of them. Read More >>