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Do Dragons Ever Run Out of Fire?

Game of Thrones has clearly lost its own thread, and I can’t help but feel held captive by the eight years I’ve already sunk into this series as I begrudgingly plod through its mercifully short final season. And yet, something wonderful happened in the midst of last week’s episode – “The Bells” – that I’ve been unable to shake since. Read More >>

game of thrones
Turns Out Game of Thrones’ Dragons are Pretty Weak

Game of Thrones has made an incredibly big deal out of how important Daenerys’ dragons, the last ones in existence, have been in Westeros, because of the unique advantage they’ve always afforded the Targaryen family. Over the course of the last two seasons, though, the show’s been trying to tell us something about the magical beasts that finally came to a head last night: on their own, and in small numbers, dragons really aren't that great. Read More >>

game of thrones
A Game of Thrones Script Has Seemingly Settled That Big Ice Dragon Debate

It’s been over a year since Game of Thrones last aired, but the mystery of Viserion still lingers like a chilly breeze on a gross muggy day in midtown Manhattan. Now, thanks to a look at the script, we know the answers behind a couple of those key questions: Is he an ice dragon or a wight? Does he breathe fire or ice? And how did those stupid chains work? Okay, that last one’s unrelated but it’s still an important question, dammit. Read More >>

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Watching This Artist Turn a Blob of Glass Into a Dragon is Nothing Short of Magic

Working with glass not only requires a lot of artistic talent, it also requires nerves of steel given how fragile the material is. But master gaffer James Mongrain makes it look as easy as playing with Play-Doh as he turns a solid blob of molten glass into an intricate dragon sculpture. Read More >>

You Can Finally Buy That Flying Fire-Breathing RC Dragon (For £36,000)

Thanks to Game of Thrones, dragons are en vogue again. And Hammacher Schlemmer is capitalising on their renewed popularity by letting you buy one of Rick Hamel's amazing flying RC dragons. In the air it can hit a top speed of around 70 mph, and on the ground it actually breathes fire. What more could anyone ever want? Read More >>

Dancing Dragon Towers Will Have a Breathable, Scale-Like Skin

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill, an architecture firm that is arguably one of the world's leading designers of skyscrapers, has just unveiled plans for a pair of towers that will grace the skyline in Seoul, South Korea with an absolutely stunning dragon-like facade. Read More >>

Sir Clive and Saint George United Through Time by Google

Today's Google Doodle has a very British theme, celebrating two very important cornerstones of our modern society -- the 30th anniversary of the ZX Spectrum and St George's Day. Read More >>

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Bearded Dragons Are Better Gamers Than Your Stupid Cat

Oh look at you with your finger trying to play a game on your smartphone. Bearded dragons play games with their tongue and they will destroy your high score. Read More >>