It Seems Reddit Ex-CEO Ellen Pao Isn’t to Blame for Site’s Meltdown

If you thought that the Reddit drama had ended with the ousting of Reddit CEO Ellen Pao, think again. According to a series of posts, Pao didn’t make the decision to fire anybody:  Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanion did. Read More >>

Amazon is Baiting Hachette Authors With 100 Per Cent Profits

Amazon and publishing company Hachette remain in negotiations after a very public brawl over ebook pricing, and Amazon's pulling out some down and dirty trick to win its battle, including jacking up Hachette book prices. Amazon's latest gambit is more carrot than stick: Amazon executive David Naggar sent a letter to a number of Hachette authors proposing that they keep 100 per cent of their sales while the dispute persists. Read More >>

How Hollywood Is Making Texting Look Dramatic

We all increasingly rely on non-verbal forms of communication — email, IM, texting — to let people know what's going on in our lives. That's great for us, but it's causing headaches in Hollywood when it comes to creating drama. Read More >>