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Watch This Human Inkjet Printer Create a Portrait in 300 Hours With 3 Million Hand-Drawn Dots

There are a lot of reasons to be impressed with David Bayo’s beautiful Astrée portrait created using a painstaking stipple technique. But what’s more staggering to me than hand-drawing 3 million individual dots is somehow finding enough spare time to dedicate 300 hours to a single work of art. I can’t even find the time to do laundry. Read More >>

Google’s New Tool Means You, Too, Can Draw

Being creative requires two big elements: idea and execution. It's immensely frustrating being the kind of person who has great ideas but can't make them happen, especially if you don't have an orchestra of talented minions to conduct like Steve Jobs. Read More >>

Watching This Super Precise Robot Doodle is Super Satisfying

Evil Mad Scientist’s new AxiDraw V3 personal drawing machine can use any pen or marker to print or write on your behalf if your penmanship is awful. But simply watching the machine draw ultra-precise doodles and complex patterns is so satisfying you might be able to justify its £375 price tag as just a relaxation tool. [Evil Mad Scientist via Make] Read More >>

This Image Search Turns Your Drawings Into Photos

A cool search engine from photo sharing company 500px uses sketches to help you find the photos you’re looking for—and, luckily, it doesn’t matter if you can’t draw for shit. Read More >>

It Worked Out Well for TV, So Boogie Board’s Drawing Tablets Are Finally Adding Color

Kids love to draw, but unfortunately they don’t always limit their canvas to just paper. Boogie Board’s cheap LCD drawing tablets help to ensure you’ll never have to scrub crayon doodles off your walls, and now they’re finally introducing a splash of colour. Read More >>

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Watch Disney Artist Glen Keane Draw the Little Mermaid in Virtual Reality

Former Disney animator Glen Keane doesn’t need much of an introduction. He’s the man who drew The Little Mermaid’s Ariel. And Aladdin. And Pocahontas. And Beast. Now, he’s embracing the latest tool for digital artistry. Read More >>

The Endangered Art of Product Design Sketching, Explained by the Pros 

When it comes to design, nothing beats a model. But it's also hard to overstate the importance of being able to draw while you develop an idea, whether that be by hand or by computer. In a new book out in December, two of the best discuss the fine art of, well, art. Read More >>

Skype Lets You Send Doodles Now (If You’re on Windows Phone)

Skype's latest update includes a new drawing feature, so you can send your friends doodles while you video chat them. The feature is debuting on Windows Phone, and Skype hasn't announced any plans to bring it to iOS and Android. Read More >>

Wacom Bamboo Fineline: A Bluetooth Stylus With a Point So Fine

Styluses for capacitive screens like the iPad used to be wide and squishy—bad for precise drawing and writing. Only recently have companies been able to come up with pen-like tips for a superior experience. Wacom is the latest to offer one such device in the Bamboo Stylus Fineline. Read More >>

Runner Draws Genitals and Space Invaders With Nike+ Tracker

San Francisco runner Claire Wyckoff has had an idea that's going down well on the internet. She's taking requests for shapes to "draw" on maps by running about her local area with Nike+ mapping the route. Obviously penises are high on the list, but she's also jogged out a Space Invaders alien, dogs and a pole dancer. [Running Drawing via Jezebel] Read More >>

Photoshop Mix: Desktop-Lite Photo Editing Lands on the iPad

Three new iPad-only creative apps are here from Adobe. There are two drafting and sketching apps that are partnered with some neat hardware, and a robust photo editing app called Photoshop Mix, which borrows some of the tools and workflow from its desktop big brother. Read More >>

iOS 8 Will Make Drawing on Your Devices Way More Intuitive

Perfecting your artistic technique using a stylus is about to get a whole lot more refined. With the introduction of iOS 8, your screen will be sensitive to the relative width of whatever's running across its surface. That's great news for folks who prefer Paper and other drawing apps to, well, paper. Read More >>

This Museum Gave Kids Crayon Helmets and Let Them Go Wild

If drawing on the walls at home is a no-no, drawing on the walls at a museum is a massive don't-even-think-about-it. Or it was, until the playful design duo behind Matheny Studio teamed up with Melbourne's National Gallery of Victoria to create a new on-site space where kids can strap on crayon studded helmets, shoes, and all kinds of wacky gear and go completely nuts. All. Over. Everything. Read More >>

This Bizarre-Looking Device Lets You Draw How Your Eyes Actually See

In front of the Flatiron Building in New York this week, there is an odd sight: someone with their head strapped into what looks like some sort of medieval brain-control device. Read More >>