Connected Dress Hacks Will Leave You Emotionless (in the Future)

Every so often, we come across something that seems so ridiculous we can’t help but pay attention. This is one such occasion. Telefónica R&D has announced a smart ‘Environment Dress’ prototype, which is apparently capable of recording information about its wearer’s surroundings, such as the temperature, noise, IR and UV radiation and carbon monoxide levels. So far, so believable. Bear with us. Read More >>

These Dresses Were Made Using Magnets

Other than lasers and Elon Musk, magnets might be the most superhuman objects we have on this dear Earth of ours. They can make things fly, they can make things stick, they can demolish laptops, they can make you squeal and scream and feel like a kid. Another thing magnets can do? Make clothes. The two dresses above were 'grown' using magnets. Read More >>

Pretty Famous Celebrity Wears a Dress with 2,000 LED Lights That Shows Her Tweets

Nicole Scherzinger, who’s famous for once being a singer for the Pussycat Dolls but is still famous because she’s smokingly attractive, wore a Twitter Dress to an event. Not a dress designed by Marc Jacobs or Alexander Wang but a dress with 2,000 LED lights that display Tweets sent to her. Read More >>

Lady Gaga’s Dress Designer Makes One Out of HDMI Cables

Everyone knows PC World and Currys love their HDMI cables, almost as much as their extended warranties. Now they’ve gone one stage further and made a bunch into something you can actually wear. Read More >>