Met Police’s Drill Music Squad Gets Hundreds of Videos Pulled From YouTube

A bunch of confused old men working at the Met Police have succeeded in getting some apparently offensive content removed from YouTube, as efforts to blame the drill music trend for London's current spate of violent crime continues. Read More >>

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What Happens When You Use a Giant Construction Drill on a Car?

It's quite simple really, the car gets completely destroyed, screwed and mangled in every which way possible. The TR-150 construction drill completely eats the car alive to the point where it can no longer drill it anymore, it has to smash and pulverize it. Using construction tools for destruction is a beautiful thing. [BayShoreSystems via Laughing Squid] Read More >>

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This Slow Motion Metal Drilling Video Is So Damn Satisfying

I love slow motion videos in general, but there's something extra-satisfying about this one: a fixed Japanese OSG Mega Muscle Drill getting its way inside a block of carbon steel rotating at 3,183 revolutions per minute. I can't stop watching those chips getting away. Read More >>

How A Car Body Innovation Revolutionised the Way We Build Skyscrapers

Certainly you've assembled a piece of Ikea furniture and experienced that special kind of frustration that comes with realising the screw holes don't line up and you have to take everything apart and put it together it again. Now imagine this problem at 750 feet in the air with massive steel girders instead of particle board. When those holes don't line up, it's a whole different kind of frustration. Read More >>