This Simple Accessory Lets a Drill Cut a Square Hole

When you’re working with tools, if you need to make a round hole, you reach for a drill. If you need a square hole, you reach for a saw. But a new accessory called the Quadsaw lets your drill cut square and rectangular holes as well, and faster than you can do with an electric saw. Read More >>

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Spinning is the Only Strategy When You Play Table Football With Power Drills

There’s always one annoying dude at the table screaming, “no spinning!” whenever you’re playing table football. But when you replace the game’s handles with high-speed electric drills, frantic spinning is the only real gameplay strategy you have at your disposal. Read More >>

How to Drill a Curved Hole

Even if your carpentry skills aren’t much more than having watched a few episodes of Home Improvement, it’s still pretty common knowledge that a drill only works in a straight line. Or does it? Woodshop hacker Izzy Swan created a custom rig that can actually drill a curved hole instead. Read More >>

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This Powerful Drill Melts Metal as it Drills

The Formdrill cuts through all kinds of metal with friction energy, which means that not only is a hole drilled out, a thick metal ring is created around the hole too ARVADEST writes, “the increased material thickness provides additional strength and mostly eliminates the need for inserted bushings or welded nuts.” Read More >>

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The World’s Largest Tunnelling Machine is Finally Getting Rescued 

Bertha, the world’s largest tunnelling machine, has been stuck under downtown Seattle since it broke in December 2013. Engineers have had to concoct a massive and expensive rescue plan—essentially a whole construction project in itself. And yesterday, the Bertha’s broken cutter head was finally hoisted out of the Earth. Read More >>

Finally, a Drill You Can Charge From a USB Port

It only requires assembling a single piece of Ikea furniture to realise why an electric screwdriver is a worthwhile investment. So if you're in the market for one, Black+Decker's new 4V MAX Lithium Pivot Screwdriver could be a great choice for the sole reason that you can charge it from the same USB adapters you use to top off your smartphone or tablet. Read More >>

How to Make a Drill-Powered Pepper Grinder

If you've ever cooked pepper steak, you know the feeling of your forearms cramping up after what seems like hours of twisting. Wouldn't it be wonderful if there were just a machine that did all the hard work? Lucky for you, there is, and it's probably in your garage. That is, if you still have film canisters lying around for some reason. Read More >>

Turn a Drill Into a Shotgun With This Spinning Disc of Doom

Slingshot psycho Joerg Sprave has done some of his best work with rubber, but there's more to slingin' than elastic. All it takes is a powerful drill and centrifugal force to whip up a whole different breed of slinger. Read More >>

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What Happens When You Use a Giant Construction Drill on a Car?

It's quite simple really, the car gets completely destroyed, screwed and mangled in every which way possible. The TR-150 construction drill completely eats the car alive to the point where it can no longer drill it anymore, it has to smash and pulverize it. Using construction tools for destruction is a beautiful thing. [BayShoreSystems via Laughing Squid] Read More >>

Motion-Activated Electric Screwdriver Anticipates Your Movements Before You Make Them

The screwdriver is maybe the last thing in the world that needs a reboot, but the new Black & Decker Max Gyro is the kind of non-essential evolution we can get behind. The little 4-volt handheld tool improves upon the function of ye olde analog screwdriver with a built-in gyroscope that anticipates your movements. Turn your hand clockwise and the bit drives, turn your hand counter-clockwise and the bit goes in reverse. Superfluous? Maybe, but it should take the strain off your trigger finger if you've got a long job to do. [Black & Decker via Engadget] Read More >>

Be Your Own Handy Man With Hitachi’s Brushless Hammer Drill

There's a shelf in my apartment that I've been meaning to hang for months. The only problem? My drill is busted. It was the cheapest one the hardware store around the street from me, and it crapped out on me pretty fast. But Hitachi's 18-volt Brushless Hammer Drill will get the job done. Read More >>

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A New Heat-Drill Could Help Discover Life on Hoth

The frozen crust of Enceladus, Saturn's sixth largest moon, may be hiding subsurface water and maybe even life. But scientists will first have to bore through the tundra to see what lies beneath and they may rely on the IceMole to do the digging. Read More >>