Gizmodo Investigates: Fuller’s Pubs Secretly Stop Selling Full-Sugar Pepsi On Tap

Today on Gizmodo UK we bring you the results of several weeks of exhaustive investigative journalism. We're going to blow the lid off one of the biggest changes in pubs since plates were switched out in favour of serving food on planks of wood and in mugs. Forget Watergate... this is Fizzywatergate. Read More >>

Synthetic Alcohol Promises Mild Drunkenness and Zero Hangovers

An entirely new kind of legal high could be on the way to the pubs of the high street, if drug researchers manage to get past EU regulations and get their "Alcosynth" onto the market. Read More >>

Tea in Crisis as Coffee Gains Stranglehold on UK Beverage Scene

What the hell is that you're drinking? It's probably not tea as, despite Google making tea the Google Doodle for the UK today, the nation's supposed national drink is in something of a death spiral as glamorous upstart coffee literally upsets the traditional drinks table. Read More >>

The Global Coffee Shortage Is Already a Huge Headache

Hope you’re ready to face the day with nothing but your own unsharpened wits about you. Soon, they will be all you have left. Read More >>

Master Bartender Makes Ersatz Campari From Scratch

Campari—the bright red spirit best known as the start of the negroni—is delicious. But what the hell is it, exactly? The few people who know have kept the recipe a secret for well over a century. That didn’t stop master bartender Hiroyasu Kayama from trying to make his own. Read More >>

Class Up Your Camping With a Canteen That Turns Into a Pint Glass

Drinking from a canteen’s spout is fine when you’re just rehydrating after a hike. But once camp is set up, you’ll probably be drinking something other than water, and that’s where this canteen from the Stable Goods Co. really shines. Flip it over, remove the bottom, and suddenly you’ve got a wide-mouthed pint glass. Read More >>

Combining a Blender, Chainsaw, and Motorcycle Is Summer Done Right

Looking for a fun project that promises to improve every last part of the forthcoming Summer? Do what Instructables’ Mike Warren did and combine a gas-powered chainsaw with a blender for making the smoothest margaritas without the need for a power cable. Read More >>

A Smoke Bomb Ice Cocktail Seems Almost Too Dangerous to Drink

If there’s smoke... should you drink it? Cocktail Chemistry shows how you can make an ice ball full of smoke for your cocktails, and once you crack it open you'll unleash the smoke monster. The effect is really cool, like the spirit gods are anointing your drink as worthy. Read More >>

Chernobyl’s Milk Is Still Radioactive, Thirty Years After the Meltdown

It’s been thirty years since the Chernobyl disaster and radiation levels in plants seemed to have died down. So why are levels of radiation in milk still peaking? Read More >>

This is How Different ‘One Drink’ is in Countries All Over the World

You can order the same drink at bars all over the world, but how much booze each order is really going to get you depends a lot on where you are. Read More >>

Counterfeit Coffee is Now Something You Need to Worry About

Sip your morning coffee suspiciously, friend — it may not be what you think. Read More >>

Something Strange and Terrible Is Happening to France’s Wine Grapes

We’d suggest you sit down and pour yourself a drink before you hear this news — but, honestly, that would probably only make it worse. Read More >>

We Hope the Sugary, Slime-Green Ghostbusters Drink Comes to the UK

Film merchandising is now such big business that selling things to kids seems to be the top consideration when it comes to Hollywood green-lighting decisions, so it's no surprise that the forthcoming Ghostbusters reboot is about to be toy and food merchandised to death. Read More >>

Would You Buy a Coffee Alongside A Big Issue Mag?

There's a new coffee chain in parts of central London, one that lets the masses enjoy the bittersweet hot drink in a double-good fashion -- by avoiding the tax-dodging multinationals while also helping the homeless. Read More >>

You Can Finally Drink From a Wookiee (Hooray?)

If you like the thought of picking tiny hairs and fibres out of your mouth after every sip of a refreshing beverage, then by all means this Chewbacca can cosy is right up your alley. The rest of us, however, will stick with the foam ones they give away at baseball games. Read More >>