Kids Today Aren’t Drinking Like They Used to

Young drinkers aged between 18-24 are bucking the British binge-drinking tend and turning to low or non-alcoholic drinks instead. Read More >>

The Sugar Tax Sort of Worked if You Read the Labels

Analysis of the composition of the nation's chiller cabinets has found that the sugar tax on the unhealthiest of drinks appears to have worked, or at least it has forced the manufacturers to reduce sugar content across the board so they may avoid paying the dread tax and increasing the cost of their products. Which has probably helped some people consume less of the white filth. Read More >>

Irn-Bru is Your Environmentally Sound Wind-Powered Beverage Choice

Irn-Bru manufacturer AG Barr is trying to bolster its environmental credentials, thanks to a deal with Swedish energy provider Vattenfall to supply its facilities with only the most natural energy produced by the nation's hardest, coldest, endlessly renewable coastal winds. Read More >>

Coke’s Reason For Not Ditching Single-Use Plastic Is Bullshit

Public concern about the climate and plastic crises is surging, and more and more brands are developing more sustainable business practices to cash in on said concern. But not Coca-Cola, which is doubling down and blaming consumers for its choice. Read More >>

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Coke Energy Made Me Realise Other Energy Drinks Taste Like Crap

I’ll admit I’m a sucker when it comes to weird and wild junk food flavors. When I’m travelling and stumble into a new flavour of Doritos, KitKats or other trash I can’t get at home, I just have to try it. So a couple of months ago when I was in Japan and saw a can with a familiar logo and the words Coke Energy written on the side, naturally I was curious. Read More >>

Ember Travel Mug Hits the UK With an Absolutely Bonkers Price Tag

An overpriced product for a barely existent problem is now available on UK shores for those of you with more money than sense. Read More >>

irn bru
Irn Bru Releases Original Sugar-Loaded Drink From 1901 to Ruin Your Teeth

Irn Bru fans are known for their dedication to their favourite soft drink, with stockpiling and howls of anguish when the sugar content of the Trump-coloured beverage was halved last year ahead of the introduction of the sugar tax, as well as efforts by one sugar fiend absolute genius to homebrew his own recipe that tastes the same as the old version. Read More >>

Irn Bru Fans Plan Factory Raid For Full-Sugar Recipe

An online hardcore of Irn Bru fans are threatening to gather at the drink's key manufacturing facility in Scotland, where they might, but almost certainly won't, storm the premises to find the original sugary recipe. Read More >>

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American Airport Security Isn’t Happy Nerds are Taking Bomb-Shaped Drinks Home from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Disney has gone to great lengths to ensure that a visit to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland is as immersive as possible, and that includes selling drinks in specialised containers shaped like grenades thermal detonators. And the fact nerds have been taking them home as souvenirs isn't really going down well with the legions of airport security staff in the USA's airports. And yes, it's because the bottles of liquid look like bloody bombs. Read More >>

Pretend Milk is Rapidly Becoming the UK’s Normal Milk

The various white fluids sold under the umbrella description of "milk" are rocketing in popularity in the UK, as the nation stops diluting its teas and coffees with traditional milk-milk and instead watches some almond/rice/soya/coconut blend coagulate into lumps in their instant decaf. Read More >>

Coke and Costa Launch Cold Canned Coffee This Month

They have indeed gone and done it, with the first results of Coca-Cola's acquisition of the Costa Coffee chain hitting the UK later this month. It is three types of coffee in cans from... the... fridge. Read More >>

Coca-Cola is Getting into Cold Coffee

Coca-Cola is doing something even madder than when it tried to rebrand tap water: putting coffee into cold Coke. Less sugar and more caffeine is what its scientists have decided we all need. Read More >>

Yorkshire Tea’s Getting Grief Because its New Biodegradable Tea Bags are Splitting Open

Yorkshire Tea is usually considered some of the best stuff by casual tea connoisseurs, so it's welcome news to hear that the company has moved into the business of biodegradable teabags - because shockingly most tea bags aren't. The problem is people are now complaining their bags are splitting open on them, which shows you can never please everyone. Read More >>

Costa Now Lets You Skip the Queue by Pre-Ordering Your Drinks

These days, thanks to the wonders of the internet, queuing may seem a bit excessive. You're in a rush, just like everyone else, so why can't you order in advance and have what you need ready to go when you arrive? Following in the footsteps of other, similar companies, Costa has just announced it's going to offer that. So you can book your morning large, low-fat, sugar free, pumpkin spice latteccino before you step foot in your local branch. Read More >>

Edible Drinks Pods With Seaweed Skins Go on Test This Month

Far be it from us to tell the drinks experts at Lucozade Ribena Suntory what to do, but Jesus, this sounds like the worst thing to hit the drinks market since peach flavour Coke. Read More >>