US Driverless Car Tech Struggles to Recognise Classic UK Road Furniture Like… Buses

AI experts in the UK have warned that the coming of self-driving cars may be pushed further into the future by the fact that US companies are leading development of autonomous vehicle software, as tools trained to drive their owners around the sunny streets of San Francisco's tech suburbs might struggle to translate their self-driving experience to UK roads. Read More >>

Gatwick Plans Self-Driving Shuttle Buses

Gatwick Airport might end up being one of the first places when you can be both intrigued and nervous beyond belief while a computer drives a motorised vehicle by itself in public, as the transport hub is to test autonomous passenger connection buses this year. Read More >>

Fully Autonomous Cars Should be on the Road by 2019

A fleet of properly driverless, fully autonomous cars should be allowed out onto the motorways of the UK by the end of 2019, backed by a development fund of over £8m from the Government's Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles. Yes, we have one of those. Read More >>

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5,000 People Applied For 100 Seats On Greenwich’s Driverless Shuttle

A prototype autonomous shuttle bus is being tested in Greenwich, and apparently the public is super excited to try it out. Read More >>

Google’s Reportedly Killing Off its Cute Self-Driving Cars

What do you see when you visualise an autonomous vehicle? If your answer isn’t ‘one of those funny-looking Google koala car things’, stop lying. However, Google could be about to abandon its iconic creation. Read More >>

This Driverless Land Rover Concept Car Has a Serious Backside

Sir Mix A Lot would be all up in this car’s business. Matthew Robson, a Vehicle Design Master’s student at the Royal College of Art, has unveiled his design concepts for a driverless Land Rover, dubbed the ‘Aegis’, and there’s one thing we can’t take our eyes off. Read More >>

A Holographic Butler is the Centrepiece of Bentley’s Concept Self-Driving Car

One of the key design figures within luxury car brand Bentley has spoken of the sort of ideas he'd like to see in the self-driving car of the future, enhancements that include a personalised holographic butler akin to Siri to issue useful directions to the nearest motorway service station with adequate toilet facilities. Read More >>

Driverless Lorries Will Hit the M6 This Year

It sounds sort of terrifying, doesn’t it? In his Budget speech this month, George Osborne is expected to confirm that driverless lorries will hit UK roads later this year. According to reports, they’ll be trialled on ‘a quiet stretch’ of the M6 in Cumbria. Read More >>

Your Car Insurance Could be Halved When Driverless Cars Roll Out

Self-driving cars may have one big benefit for all drivers, in the form of reduced insurance premiums. Numbers suggest the average driver might save around £265 a month on insurance fees once cars take some of the controls away from us easily distracted humans. Read More >>

Engineers Want Rural Wales to Become a Driverless Car Hotspot

A comedy fleet of driverless cars is just the sort of thing that would benefit rural economies says a university study, which suggests the hills and valleys of rural Wales might be an ideal test bed for introducing autonomous vehicles to the UK. Read More >>

Google’s Driverless Cars Could Have Airbags on the Outside

Google's ideas team has logged a new concept from its selection of comfy brainstorming bean bags, applying for a patent that puts the airbags on the outside of cars -- to protect pedestrians from having their legs bent backwards in the event of a collision. Read More >>

Google’s Driverless Car Endgame is a Fleet of Uber-Bothering Autonomous Taxis

Reports claim Google is preparing to launch its own competitor to taxi app Uber, with the tech giant's ultimate ambition being the launch of fleets of self-driving taxis in cities across the world. London's cab drivers are going to be livid. Read More >>

Google to Outsource Driverless Car Manufacturing

Google's comedy, button-nosed, electric driverless car won't be made by the tech giant itself, with the company asking car makers to come aboard the project and help build the fleet instead. Read More >>

2015 is the Year the Driverless Car Hits the UK

Four parts of the UK will be testing driverless cars from the beginning of 2015, with Greenwich, Bristol, Coventry and Milton Keynes all hosting various automated vehicle projects. Read More >>

The Car of the Future Will be Driverless and… Stained Glass

Designers looking at the future of mobility as part of the London Design Festival have come up with this bizarre concept; a driverless car with a built-in bed, stained glass windows, and wheels nicked from a Mini. Read More >>